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Flag of the Republic of Macedonia
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Location of the Republic of Macedonia
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In Macedonia, Lost is translated as Изгубени (Izgubeni). However the names of the episodes are not translated in Macedonian and they are not shown during the episode.


In Macedonia Lost is broadcast by A1 Television.

Broadcasting A1 Television
Time Saturdays at 8:00 pm (GMT +01:00)
Rerun TBA
Dubbed No
Subtitled Yes (Macedonian)


For detailed list of airdates in Macedonia: Airdates

  • The first season aired on 24 September 2006.
    • It started airing one episode a week.
    • Starting from "Solitary", it began airing twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays at 09:00pm).
  • The second season aired on 18 January 2007.
    • It started airing twice a week.
    • However, from "Dave", it slowed down as in the beginning with only one episode a week.
  • The third season aired on 20 September 2007.
    • The first two episodes aired back-to-back on 27 September 2007.
    • Starting from "Further Instructions", till "Exposé", it aired one episode per week.
    • Beginning with "Left Behind", it started airing twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays at 09:00pm).
  • The fourth season aired on 4 October 2008.
    • It started airing one episode per week.
  • The fifth season aired on 12 January 2010.
    • It started airing one episode per week.

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