(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)
LOST Virtual Tour is a fan website dedicated to chronicling the real-life filming locations of Lost in Hawaii.

The site specializes in side-to-side comparisons of episode screencaps compared with photographs of the actual filming locations taken from the same angle. More than 150 such locations are provided. The site has a no-spoiler policy on revealing filming locations prior to the episode's airing.

Filming locations

Filming locations are organized by episode, as well as by their geographical location on the Island of Oahu, and include background information on the locations as well as directions. Several sites also include Quicktime Virtual Reality panoramas, in addition to the photographs. In addition, the settings of incidental Lost backgrounds such as the real world background of Desmond's photograph, the location of the four-toed statue, and various driving scenes (such as Johnny and Hurley's car ride in Everybody Hates Hugo, and Ana Lucia and Big Mike's LAPD patrol in Collision) are listed.

In addition to filming locations, storage locations of props are also listed. These include the Lockheed L-1011 and Beechcraft fuselages, Kate's black horse, and the real life boat that depicts The Elizabeth.


There is also section of the site devoted to self-guided tours.

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