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The "Lost" (2004) IMDb board is a discussion forum on the topic of Lost hosted on IMDb. . The site was the home of popular Lost blogger DarkUFO before he expanded to develop his own site. Post-finale, the forum became a source a show-related memes, off-topic threads and profane or abusive posts before gradually returning to genuine Lost discussion (lol).

The board's page on 'Boardreader' shows statistics about the board, such as the top authors (primarily danielcribb123), latest active and 'hot' threads (mostly involving Andrew Kropp's pizza-eating exploits).

In October 2010, members of the Lost board created a wiki site based on the IMDb Lost board.

On April 11th , 2011, IMDb Administrators, led by their evil leader Col Needham, invaded the "Lost" (2004) board and savagely beat, abused and deleted several posters. Usernames were blocked from posting, quotas were increased, and posting histories were deleted. Recovery from this tragedy is an ongoing event. An event no one should forget.

Lost Comics

Several posters on the IMDb are known for having contributed their artistic and comedic skills to create a portfolio of Lost comics.

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Locke Snickers
An example of a lost comic [source needed]

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