Lost Book Club is a feature of's website within the area dedicated to Lost, launched in July 2008. It is composed of two parts, one which is a graphically interactive list of literary works featured in the first four seasons of Lost, and the other a discussion board for these books.

The list may be viewed in three ways:

  1. "Reference" - This choice has three options:
    1. Dialog - for books referenced in character dialogue
    2. Background - for books physically used as props or background in scenes
    3. Show Theme - for books whose storyline and themes are echoed in Lost
  2. "Book list by season"
  3. "See all books" - the default: a horizontally flip-scrolling view of all books

Each book in the list includes "Book Details", listing the publisher and year, relevance to Lost, plot synopsis, and in some cases Comments. There is also a link to purchase the book at the ABC TV Store. The entire book list is also available for audio book download at the iTunes music store.

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