"Lost: The Final Season - Beginning of the End"
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January 9, 2010
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Lost: The Final Season - Beginning of the End is a special Lost retrospective produced by Met/Hodder show that aired some weeks before the Season 6 premiere.

Promotional Blurb

What began with a plane crash has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. And now, with it's final season about to begin, find out how and why Lost has captured the imagination of a global audience and reshaped the way the world watches television. Lost Superfans from Eva Longoria and Whoopi Goldberg to the writers of Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine share their favorite moments in a celebration of Lost just before the final season.


In the press release and early ABC primetime grids, the special episode which aired before Season 6 premiere was to be entitled "Lost: Beginning of the End". [1] Since the title had already been used for this show, it was changed to "Lost: Final Chapter".

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  • Press release [2]


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