4x11-Smell This
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©2009 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Locke-about" is an orchestral piece on the Season 4 soundtrack.

Scene description

An orderly wheels Locke, talks to him about miracles and suggests he go on a walkabout.

Back on the freighter, Keamy kills the doctor to threaten Frank into piloting him back to the island. Captain Gault tries to intervene, but Keamy kills him too, and Frank agrees to fly. Frank hides a satellite phone in a bag, and the helicopter takes off.


The piece begins by blending Locke's second theme with his third theme. His third theme then plays alone. It then plays his motif and his first theme.

The second movement includes the arms motif. It ends with the freighter's theme.

Title significance

The title is a portmanteau of "Locke" and "walkabout."

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