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This is a disambiguation page. A number of articles are associated with the title Lawyer.
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Lawyer may refer to:

  • Susan Lloyd, Walt's mother
  • Brian Porter, Susan's husband and Walt's stepfather
  • Lizzy (lawyer), who represented Susan against Michael in a custody hearing for Walt
  • Finney, Michael's lower-cost lawyer who represented him in the custody hearing
  • Mr. Slavitt, who represented Arlene and Joseph Stewart in the adoption proceedings with Claire over her unborn child
  • The Assistant D.A., who prosecuted Jason Alder after his shooting of Ana Lucia
  • Peter Thompson, legal counsel and vice president of the Hanso Foundation, in The Lost Experience
  • Duncan Forrester, Kate's lawyer
  • Melissa Dunbrook, District Attorney who prosecuted Kate
  • Dan Norton, from the law firm Agostini & Norton
  • Ilana Verdansky, who is an attorney in the flash-sideways
  • Matthew Abaddon, who posed as an Oceanic Airlines attorney when visiting Hurley

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