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Laurent M. Abecassis
Laurent M Abecassis
Date of Birth February 18, 1977 (age 40)
Origin Montreal, Canada
Job(s) CGI Supervisor
IMDb profile

Laurent M. Abecassis was a visual effects supervisor for Lost. He supervised the effects of the plane crash in "Pilot, Part 1", and "Pilot, Part 2". Winning an Emmy for his work in the category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series.


  • Founder of Di-O-Matic a company that provides 3D character animation tools (i.e. lip synchronization, and facial animation).
  • Co-founder of Klik, a 3D animation company, based in Montreal, Canada.
  • Broke the Guinness World Record: Fastest Animated TV Show. (Le Journul)

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