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Laurent was the son of Philippe and Dominique. Laurent's older sister Sophie was one of Shannon's ballet students. Both siblings were cared for by Shannon for a year in Paris while Shannon worked as an au pair ("Abandoned").

Shannon mentioned to Sayid that she had dated the father of a boy named Laurent and that Laurent was a brat, a comment that is consistent with the deleted scene featuring Laurent, Shannon, Dominique, and Philippe. Laurent used to watch the French version of Finding Nemo over and over again. This was how Shannon recognized the French song La Mer in Danielle Rousseau's notes, a song which became in English Beyond the Sea (the most famous version of which was recorded by Bobby Darin, while the English-language [original] version of Finding Nemo uses a version by Robbie Williams). ("Whatever the Case May Be")


  • Laurent only appears in a deleted scene from "Abandoned" on the Season 2 DVD.

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