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"Lance" directs here. For other uses, see Lance (disambiguation).

Hurley mistook Ethan for a passenger named Lance while taking a census to investigate attacks on Claire.

When Ethan corrected him, Hurley admitted the error, stating that Lance was someone else, a skinny bespectacled redhead. Ethan joked that that two men's resemblance caused Hugo's mistake; actually, Ethan looked nothing like the described man. ("Raised by Another")

Lance was never mentioned again, and no actor was credited with the part. Lance may even have not existed at all - Hurley may have simply forgotten Ethan's name and then joked about his mistake. If Lance was indeed a survivor, he may have died on the Kahana along with two fellow survivors. If not, he died in the flaming arrow attack in 1954, since Rose and Bernard Nadler were the attack's only known survivors. ("The Incident, Part 1")

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