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Kate Austen is one of the main protagonists of Lost, and thus his family is central to the series and its stories.

Family members

Immediate family

  • Kate Austen - A fugitive on the run for killing her father who was caught in Australia and taken back to Los Angeles, but the plane she was on crashed.
  • Wayne Janssen - Kate's father (who she believed to be her stepfather) and she killed him.
  • Sam Austen - Kate's stepfather who she believed to be her father.
  • Kevin Callis - Kate's estranged husband who she married under the alias of "Monica".

Extended family

  • Aaron Littleton - Claire Littleton's son, whom Kate cared for, for 3 years when Claire went missing.
  • Mr. Callis - Kate's former father in law.
  • Suzanne Callis - Kate's former father in law.
  • Kevin's brothers - Kate's three unnamed, former brothers-in-law.


  • Jack Shephard - Kate's ex-fiance who she met on The Island.
  • James Ford - Kate's past romance who she met on The Island.

Note: Jack's family, Claire's family and Sawyer's family intertwine with Kate's.

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