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The Judd Trail is a filming location in Nu'uanu just north on Honolulu. The area is used for several jungle scenes on the Island. Parts of the trail has been seen in:

  1. 1x14 "Special" - The Banyan tree where Walt hid from the polar bear
  2. 1x15 "Homecoming" - Night scene in the jungle where Ethan was killed
  3. 2x15 "Maternity Leave" - The brook Kate, Claire, and Rousseau walked along
  4. 3x05 "The Cost of Living" - Eko in the jungle
  5. 3x06 "I Do" - Eko's funeral
  6. 3x20 "The Man Behind the Curtain" - Young Ben meets Richard in the jungle
  7. 3x20 "The Man Behind the Curtain" - The location of Jacob's cabin where Ben brings Locke
  8. 3x22 "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1", 3x23 "Through the Looking Glass, Part 2" - Stream crossing and jungle hike led by Jack

The trail leads from Nu'uanu Pali Drive along a ridge to the Pali lookout, a possible location for:

  1. 1x01 "Pilot, Part 1" - Jack wakes up in a bamboo patch

Across the road from the trailhead is another unnamed trail seen in:

  1. 1x01 "Pilot, Part 1" - Jack, Kate, and Charlie return from the cockpit

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