Jesse Heiman
N1445430722 30007632 9546
Date of Birth
May 23, 1978 (age 39)
Date of Death
Boston, USA

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Jesse Heiman plays the character Dan Bronson in the alternate reality game Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project. Heiman also plays a BuyMore employee in the television programme Chuck which referenced the crash of Flight 815 in its pilot episode.

Jesse Heiman was born in Boston on May 23, 1978 and lived in Boston until 1989.

He lived in Austin, Texas from 1989 and attended West Ridge Middle School, Westlake High School, and Texas State University of San Marcos for education. Graduated college in May of 2000 with a BA in English.

Moved to Los Angeles in September of 2000.

He began acting in November as a background actor/extra. Has appeared in several films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos.

His first major role was in American Pie 2, first speaking role on the short lived television show "Maybe It's Me."

Breakout roles include being one of the pledges in Old School and the MTV spring break show Camp Cool Cancun.

He guest starred in the TV shows "Navy NCIS" and "Entourage."

He currently resides in Redondo Beach, California.

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