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Janet Mayer appears in the Season 4 DVD extra featurette The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy of Lies. She comments on the apparent physical health of the Oceanic 6 immediately after their rescue.

The Oceanic 6 claimed to have survived for 108 days on a diet of coconut and fish. Dr. Mayer points out that coconuts are high in fat and that fish would have been hard to catch. Furthermore, she says that this diet lacks carbohydrates, which would result in the body burning its own fat stores (and later, their muscle mass) for energy, causing rapid weight loss. In three months, she said, they would have lost at least 25% of their weight. She concludes that they must have had access to another source of food (the narrator suggests that they consumed the remains of the other three survivors).

Beyond this, Dr. Mayer says that, from all the time in the sun and on the open ocean, the survivors' skin should have been burnt, blistered, and peeling. She states that the photos taken immediately after the rescue do not show these effects. Finally, she notes that the men should have grown large beards during the three months they were stranded, but instead, appear to have been able to shave during that time.

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