Many characters on Lost suffered ironic deaths. These deaths appear ironic in various ways, sometimes poetically just, sometimes obeying karmic retribution and often following dramatically ironic statements.

4x09 Alex LastWords
Alexandra Rousseau
"The Shape of Things to Come"
  • Ben sent her on a trek to the Temple to protect her, ultimately leading to her death.
2x20 AnaShot
Ana Lucia Cortez
"Two for the Road"
  • Ana Lucia killed a man for killing her unborn child, and is later killed by a man trying to save his child.
  • She survives being strangled by Ben, only to be shot by Michael later that same day.
  • Sawyer tells Ana Lucia that he, Jin and Michael are the best thing that has happened to her. Michael later kills Ana Lucia.
  • When Michael goes to bring Sayid water, Ana Lucia points a gun at him and tells him to sit down, to which Michael replies, "You going to shoot me? Shoot me." ("Collision") Michael later shoots her instead.
1x20 SavingBoone
Boone Carlyle
"Do No Harm"
  • Boone tells Locke about how the redshirts in Star Trek always die, then Boone dies.
  • Locke tells Boone that the captain on Star Trek is 'piss-poor' because he gets his team killed. John later causes Boone's death by having him climb up to the beachcraft. The plane falls from the cliff with Boone in it. Boone later dies from the wounds he suffers.
  • He dies as Aaron is born.
3x22 Charlie drowns
Charlie Pace
"Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"
  • He dies minutes after claiming he's cheated his forseen death.
  • Earlier, his brother predicted he'd be the one to live past 30. He died at 25. ("Greatest Hits")
  • He also once mistakenly sings of the rain drowning the spider while singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider".
5x05 GoodbyeScaryMan
Charlotte Lewis
"This Place Is Death"
  • She dies after arriving to the island, which she spent most of her life looking for.
  • She dies of temporal displacement just before the time flashes stop.
Christian Shephard
"White Rabbit"
  • Christian dies on an alcohol-induced heart attack after joking that Australians believe Americans can't handle their liquor. ("Outlaws")
  • Christian operated on a pregnant woman while under the influence of alcohol. This caused him to botch the surgery, killing the patient in the process.
5x14 Faradead
Daniel Faraday
"The Variable"
  • Daniel's mother kills him while she's pregnant with him.
Danielle Rousseau
"Meet Kevin Johnson"
  • She is killed after meeting up with her daughter after an absence of 16 years.
Dogen & Lennon
  • Dogen and Lennon die at the Temple spring, a place of healing.
  • The man they earlier killed there kills them.
Edmund Death
Edmund Burke
"Not in Portland"
  • A bus hits Edmund soon after Juliet jokes that she wants one to.
3x05 ADyingEko
"The Cost of Living"
  • Hurley earlier tells Eko to stay alive.
Goodwin Stanhope
"The Other 48 Days"
  • Ana-Lucia kills Goodwin while he makes a case to the Others that she's worthy to join them.
6x12 IlanaIsGone
Ilana Verdansky
"Everybody Loves Hugo"
  • Ilana dies right after meeting the candidates, though she trained her entire life for a mission to protect them.
  • She tells the others that she should be the one to carry the dynamite. It later explodes, killing her.
Jack Shephard
"The End"
  • Jack dies in the same location where he woke up after his arrival on the island, with an injury to his side, just like he had before. He passed the white tennis shoe as he limped injured to his final resting place, similar to passing it after waking up, and Vincent ran to him and laid next to him as he died, similar to as he ran by in the Pilot. The scene mirrored the first episode of the pilot. The show ended with Jack closing his eye, similar to it beginning with him opening his eye.
Jin-Soo Kwon & Sun-Hwa Kwon
"The Candidate"
  • They die just a day after reuniting following a three year absence. ("The Candidate")
  • Jin dies when a bomb explodes aboard his submarine after he successfully escaped explosions on two other escape sea vehicles - the raft and the Kahana.
4x13 LockeCheckingUpOnKeamy
Martin Keamy
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"
  • Keamy is stabbed with his own knife.
Arzt Explosives
Leslie Arzt
"Exodus, Part 2"
  • Arzt blows up while lecturing how to handle dynamite safely.
  • He dies on his first A-Mission, after complaining about not joining any.
Libby Shot
Libby Smith
  • Libby dies the day before Desmond returns on the boat she once lent him.
6x04 GoodbyeJohnLocke
John Locke
"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
  • Locke dies minutes after his murderer dissuades him from killing himself.
  • His murderer is the only one to speak at his funeral.
4x08 NotYet
Michael Dawson
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"
Naomi Dead
Naomi Dorrit
"The Beginning of the End"
  • Naomi dies before any of the science team she came to protect.
5x02 Flaming
Neil "Frogurt"
"The Lie"
  • Neil is shot with a flaming arrow while he complains about Bernard's incapability of creating fire.
  • Neil made a living selling frozen yogurt and died by getting shot with a flaming arrow.
Nikki Fernandez & Paulo
  • Nikki and Paulo are poisoned after she jokes that shouldn't poison themselves.
  • Earlier, she commented that guest stars always die.
  • She also hoped they wouldn't end up like Boone and Shannon, who also later died.
  • The survivors bury her after she runs to the beach for help, but if she merely slept off her paralysis in the jungle, she'd have survived.
4x13 Omar killed by grenade
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"
  • Omar is accidentally killed by his own men, in both timelines.
Roger Linus
"The Man Behind the Curtain"
  • Roger is killed by his discontented son right after he tries bonding with him for the first time.
Sayid Jarrah
"LA X, Part 2"

"The Candidate"
  • The Temple Others drown Sayid in trying to heal him.
  • Sayid martyrs himself with C-4 4 years after dissuading a friend from doing the same.
  • Sayid kills himself with a bomb after being falsely accused of being a suicide bomber by Sawyer after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.
  • He dies just after losing his 'infection'.
Yemi Shot
"The 23rd Psalm"
  • Yemi, a priest, is shot by militants, leading his brother, a warlord, to become a priest.
"What They Died For"
  • The Man in Black killed her because Charles told her not to talk to him, but Charles was trying to save her by saying it.

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