In a place as filled with as many hidden traps, dangerous beasts and hostile enemies as the Island, there are bound to be some cuts and bruises. This page documents significant injuries and illnesses occurring both off and on the island.

Due to the island's healing properties, injuries that would normally take months to heal (such as gunshot wounds or broken limbs) can be mended in a matter of weeks. However, this effect can be erratic and unreliable, healing some wounds at random and others not at all; see healing properties for more information.

Fatal injuries are marked in bold. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive.

Before the crash

Ana Lucia

Locke after the fall that left him paralyzed. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

John Locke

  • Broken spine resulting in paralysis, after being pushed out an eighth floor window by his father ("The Man from Tallahassee").


Michael Dawson

  • Severely injured after being hit by a car ("Special").

Rachel Carlson

  • Unspecified cancer, resulting in sterility due to chemotherapy ("Not in Portland").

Sarah Shephard

After the crash

Aaron Littleton

Ben assaulting and strangling Ana Lucia. ("Two for the Road")

Ana Lucia

Ben Linus

Ben bloody small
Ben beaten up by Jack. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Boone Carlyle

Jack and the survivors treating Boone's injuries. ("Do No Harm")

Charlie Pace

Charlie is tied to a chair
Charlie beaten up by Bonnie. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Claire Littleton

  • Collapses of dehydration due to low water supplies. ("White Rabbit")
  • Suffered from nightmares so severe that her fingernails cut her palm when she clenched her fists. ("Raised by Another")
  • Minor cuts and bruises from being caught in a house explosion. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Desmond Hume


  • Broken leg from plane crash, which later became infected and killed him ("The Other 48 Days").
Libby treating Donald
Libby and Donald were both injured in the crash. ("The Other 48 Days")

Edward Mars

  • Chest wound from shrapnel received in plane crash ("Pilot, Part 1").
  • Gunshot wound to lung by Sawyer in a failed euthenasia attempt ("Tabula Rasa").
  • Successfully euthenised by Jack, method unknown ("Tabula Rasa").


Ethan Rom

Goodwin is fatally wounded. ("The Other 48 Days")



Jack Shephard

  • Deep laceration to the back, requiring stitches with Kate's assistance ("Pilot, Part 1").
  • Dislocated his shoulder during the cave-in ("The Moth").
  • Minor wounds and knocked unconscious from a fist fight with Ethan


Jin Kwon

John Locke

Ben leaves Locke to die at the grave. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Kate Austen

Leslie Arzt

  • Killed in a dynamite explosion caused by his own mishandling ("Born to Run").


2x21 FinalWarning
With her last breath, Libby warns Jack of Michael. ("?")

Michael Dawson



Sayid Jarrah

Pilot Part 1 Pilot Dead
Seth Norris after being mauled and killed by the Monster. ("Pilot, Part 1")

Seth Norris

Shannon Rutherford

Sun-Hwa Kwon

  • Had a bag put over her head and knocked unconscious by Charlie ("The Long Con").
  • Chased by Man In Black and knocked unconcious by a tree, causing her to be unable to speak English for a short period ("The Package")

Tourniquet man

Off the island

Jack Shephard

Sayid Jarrah

Benjamin Linus

  • Scratches and broken arm from fight with Desmond Hume who also threw him in the water ("This Place Is Death").

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