In a place as filled with as many hidden traps, dangerous beasts and hostile enemies as the Island, there are bound to be some cuts and bruises. This page documents significant injuries and illnesses occurring both off and on the island.

Due to the island's healing properties, injuries that would normally take months to heal (such as gunshot wounds or broken limbs) can be mended in a matter of weeks. However, this effect can be erratic and unreliable, healing some wounds at random and others not at all; see healing properties for more information.

Fatal injuries are marked in bold. For a list of all deaths, see List of deaths. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

Before the crash

Ana Lucia

Boone Carlyle

Claire Littleton

Claire accident
The car wreck. ("Par Avion")

Desmond Hume

Edward Mars

  • Head trauma from car accident with Kate who then punched and kicked him in the head in order to escape custody ("What Kate Did").
Jae Lee dead on Jin's car. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Jack Shephard

Jae Lee

  • Severely beaten by Jin. Committed suicide by jumping from his hotel room ("The Glass Ballerina").

John Locke

3x13 TMFT locke falls
Locke falls 8 stories. ("The Man from Tallahassee")
  • Broken spine resulting in paralysis, after being pushed out an eighth floor window by his father ("The Man from Tallahassee").

Kate Austen


Michael Dawson

  • Severely injured after being hit by a car ("Special").

Rachel Carlson

  • Unspecified cancer, resulting in sterility due to chemotherapy ("Not in Portland").

Sarah Shephard

Sayid Jarrah

  • Beaten badly in the face by Sami who tortures Sayid to get him to admit to torturing his wife Amira ("Enter 77").

After the crash

Aaron Littleton


Ana Lucia

Ben assaulting and strangling Ana Lucia. ("Two for the Road")

Anthony Cooper

  • Knocked unconscious by Ben hitting him in the head with his cane. Later, choked to death with a chain by Sawyer in the brig of the Black Rock ("The Brig").

Beatrice Klugh

  • Punched several times in the face by Kate and then fatally shot by Mikhail ("Enter 77").

Ben Linus

Ben bloody small
Ben beaten up by Jack. ("Through the Looking Glass")
  • Shot through the shoulder with a crossbow bolt by Danielle ("One of Them").
  • Tortured via unknown means by Sayid ("One of Them").
  • Knocked unconscious when he fell trying to climb into the vent to enter the The Numbers into the computer ("Lockdown").
  • Had his kidney sac purposefully sliced open (and later repaired) during surgery by Jack ("I Do").
  • Spinal tumour discovered on his L4 vertebrate, later safely removed by Jack ("Not in Portland").
  • Punched in the face 9 times by Jack after pretending to kill Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Elbowed in the face by Danielle when he tells Locke to shoot Jack to stop him from answering the sat phone ("Through the Looking Glass").
  • Elbowed in the face by Danielle after referring to Alex as his daughter. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Kneed in the stomach and punched in the face by Sawyer after mocking him with regards to Kate and Jack. Later, Sawyer punches him in the face several times for shooting Charlotte who was wearing a bullet proof vest ("Confirmed Dead").
  • Lacerates arm after falling down ladder in the Orchid ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2").
  • Shot by in the chest by Sayid as a child ("He's Our You").
  • Punched in the face by Sawyer ("The End").

Bernard Nadler

Jack and the survivors treating Boone's injuries. ("Do No Harm")

Boone Carlyle

Charlie Pace

  • Facial injuries received in crash, resulting in permanent scars ("Pilot, Part 1").
Charlie is tied to a chair
Charlie beaten up by Bonnie. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Charlotte Lewis

Claire Littleton

Colleen Pickett

Danielle Rousseau

Danny Pickett

3X07 PickettIsDead
Danny's dead body, after he was shot by Juliet. ("Not in Portland")
  • Beaten and left unconscious by Sawyer in the bear cage. Fatally shot by Juliet seconds before he was going to shoot and kill Sawyer ("Not in Portland").

Desmond Hume


Libby treating Donald
Libby and Donald were both injured in the crash. ("The Other 48 Days")
  • Broken leg from plane crash, which later became infected and killed him ("The Other 48 Days").

Edward Mars

  • Chest wound from shrapnel received in plane crash ("Pilot, Part 1").
  • Gunshot wound to lung by Sawyer in a failed euthenasia attempt ("Tabula Rasa").
  • Successfully euthenised by Jack, method unknown ("Tabula Rasa").


3x03 FindingEko
Locke finds a wounded Eko at the polar bear's cave. ("Further Instructions")

Ethan Rom

Frank Lapidus

Goodwin is fatally wounded. ("The Other 48 Days")



Jack Shephard


3x23 JasonLastWords
Sayid breaks Jason's neck. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2")

Jin Kwon

John Locke

Ben leaves Locke to die at the grave. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")
  • Slashed across his right eye by plane wreckage during the crash, resulting in a permanent scar ("Pilot, Part 1").
  • Hit in the leg by shrapnel from his trebuchet, temporarily losing his ability to walk (though this may have been unrelated) ("Deus Ex Machina").
  • Minor injuries from a physical beating by Jack after Boone's death. Also grazed in the head by a bullet when Shannon sought revenge for Boone's death and shot him ("The Greater Good").
  • Cuts his hands while lowering Kate into the hatch ("Man of Science, Man of Faith").
  • Knocked unconscious by Michael and locked along with Jack in the Swan's armory ("The Hunting Party").
5x07 GoodbyeOldFriend
Ben strangles John Locke to death. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")

Juliet Burke

Karl Martin

4x08 ByeByeKarl
Karl killed by the mercenaries. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Kate Austen

Leslie Arzt

  • Killed in a dynamite explosion caused by his own mishandling ("Born to Run").


2x21 FinalWarning
With her last breath, Libby warns Jack of Michael. ("?")

Michael Dawson

Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail seconds before detonating the grenade in his hand. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2")

Naomi Dorrit

  • Stabbed in the side by a tree branch while parachuting onto the Island. As her lung was filling with blood, it was punctured by Mikhail to release the blood ("D.O.C.").
  • Stabbed in the back with a knife thrown by Locke ("Through the Looking Glass").
  • Succumbed to knife wound ("The Beginning of the End").


5x02 Flaming
Frogurt after being shot by a flaming arrow. ("The Lie")

Neil "Frogurt"

  • Killed by a flaming arrow shot by the Others ("The Lie").

Nikki Fernandez

  • Bitten by a Medusa spider, paralyzed and buried alive resulting in death by suffocation ("Exposé").


  • Bitten by a Medusa spider thrown onto him by Nikki, paralyzed and buried alive resulting in death by suffocation ("Exposé").


S01E08-Sayid tortures Sawyer
Sayid torturing Sawyer. ("Confidence Man")
  • Knocked unconscious, tortured by shoving bamboo up his fingernails and stabbed through the arm puncturing an artery by Sayid. Wound treated by Jack ("Confidence Man").
  • Shot in the left shoulder by Tom; later pulled the bullet out himself, though the wound still became infected and nearly killed him ("Born to Run").
  • Knocked unconscious by Eko ("Orientation").
  • Shot in the ear lobe as a warning by the Others ("The Hunting Party").
Tom jason
Tom and Matthew stand over Sawyer, about to inject him. ("Every Man for Himself")

Sayid Jarrah

Sayid being interrogated by Danielle. ("Solitary")

Scott Jackson

  • Arms, fingers and neck broken by Ethan ("Homecoming").
Pilot Part 1 Pilot Dead
Seth Norris after being mauled and killed by the Monster. ("Pilot, Part 1")

Seth Norris

Shannon Rutherford

Sun-Hwa Kwon

  • Had a bag put over her head and knocked unconscious by Charlie ("The Long Con").
  • Chased by Man In Black and knocked unconcious by a tree, causing her to be unable to speak English for a short period ("The Package").

Tourniquet man

Off the Island

Benjamin Linus

  • Scratches and broken arm from fight with Desmond Hume who also threw him in the water ("This Place Is Death").

Jack Shephard

Michael Dawson

Sayid Jarrah