Igor Taradaykin
Igor Taragaykin
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Igor Taradaykin (Russian: Игорь Тарадайкин), also known as Taradaykin Igor Georgievich (Тарадайкин Игорь Георгиевич), is the voice actor who dubbed several voices including Sayid, Jin, Bryan , Mr. Slavitt and the Morgue Doctor in the Russian language broadcasts of Lost. His name is alternatively transliterated as "Igor Taradaikin".


Voice acting

Taradaykin has dubbed a part in The Godfather, David Duchovny's part in The X-Files, Colin Firth in Bridget Jones' Diary, Adrien Brody in King Kong (2005) and The Pianist, and Sounds Mel Gibson on telechannel НТВ (NTV).

Acting filmography

  • Murder in the Zhdanovskoy (Убийство на Жидановской / Ubiystvo na Zhdanovskoy) – 1992
  • Ioann’s Pervopechatnik’s revelations (Откровение Иоанна Первопечатника / Otkroveniye Ioanna Pervopechatnika) – 1991
  • Try to survive (Постарайся остаться в живых / Postaraysya ostatsya zhivym) - 1986

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