"I Feel Like Going Home"
I Feel Like Going Home - Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters
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"I Feel Like Going Home", by Muddy Waters, was a song featured in "Orientation", where it was heard on the radio in Locke's car. This song, as well as "I Can't Be Satisfied", were two of Waters' breakthrough hits in 1948.


Well, now it gettin,
Late on into the evenin' and I feel like, like blowin' my home.
When I woke up this mornin all I, I had was gone.
Now it gettin', Late on into the evenin', man now, I feel like, like blowin my home.
Well now woke up this mornin', all I had was gone.

Well, brooks run into the ocean, the ocean run in, into the sea,
If I don't find my baby, somebody gonna sure bury me.
Brooks run into the ocean, man, that ole ocean run into the sea,
Well now if I don't find my baby chile, somebody sure gonna bury me.

Well, minutes seemed like hours, an hour don't it seem like days?
Seems like my baby would stop her old evil way,
Minutes seemed like hours, an hour seemed like days,
Well now seems like my baby child, woo-hoo well, child,
Would stop her low down ways.

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