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Hurley's temp agency
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Owned by Hurley.
A temp agency
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6x04 Rose
Rose lectures Locke about being "realistic".

After Locke is fired by Randy, Hurley gives him the number to a temp agency which he owns.

At the temp agency, an interviewer asks John what kind of animal he would consider himself to be most like and whether he is a "people person." John asks to speak to her supervisor, who turns out to be Rose. John stubbornly requests a job in construction, which Rose responds would not be a good match and that experience is not the issue. She asks him to be realistic, to which John indignantly asks what she knows about being realistic. Rose replies that she has terminal cancer and explains how she had to get past her denial and continue living whatever life she had left. After this, John calms down and takes a job as substitute teacher. ("The Substitute")