Guilherme Briggs
Date of Birth
July 25, 1970 (age 46)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Guilherme Briggs is the voice actor who dubbed the voice of Sawyer in the Portuguese language broadcasts of Lost, such as in Brazil, from Season 3 onwards.


Guilherme Briggs is the son Henrique Briggs, an artisan, and Suelly Cavalcanti. During his childhood, he created, along with his father, characters and backstories, recording all in an old recorder, on a type of house-made radio-theater. He's married to the comics writer Fran Briggs.

He is known for dubbing Denzel Washington, Brendan Fraser, and Jim Carrey in most films. He has also dubbed Worf in Star Trek: The New Generation, Quark in Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Julian McMahon in Fantastic Four, and various U.S. animated feautures.

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