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This article contains false information that does not officially belong to The Lost Experience or other Lost mythos.
Unlike fanon or parody, the material was created intentionally to cause confusion with information from official sources.
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Global Paradigms Corp. is a hoax website for a company unrelated to Lost mythology. It was online since at least April 20, 2006 but has been taken down.

It is named after a supposedly bankrupt company amongst whose clients were:

It was also a former place of employment of a Enrico Valenzetti. His employment was terminated on 04/08/93 according to the online record. It also purports to employ fake characters Michael Sontag and S.K. Nave.

The press page on the company's website stated:

November 2, 1995

Global Paradigms Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 Protection in the Bankruptcy Court of Santa Dominica
County as of October 31, 1995. This site is no longer active but remains online for archival and
arbitration purposes. Any communications ought to be directed to the Office of the District Attorney
of Santa Dominica County.

Gil Flores
Asst. District Attorney
County of Santa Dominica"

The site's "Terms of Use" page contained a rather severe warning:

"8. Sensitive Material. Those in violation of access protocols may be subject to national and 
international law. In the jurisdiction of the United States, these charges are severe, ranging up 
to and including treason which carries a penalty of execution. You have been warned."

If you view source, you will find two hidden messages. One is an addendum to a Neil Stephenson quote: "Stephenson was wrong. There are five. He missed weapon"

The other is some morse code:

. -- .- .. .-.. / --. .-. . -. -.. . .-.. / .- - / --. .-..
--- -... .- .-.. .--. .- .-. .- -.. .. --. -- ... -.-. --- .-.
.--. / -.. --- - / -.-. --- -- / - --- / ..-. .. -. -.. / ....
 .. ... / -.-. .- --. . 


GRENDEL has replied via email that his cage is here: [1].

It was noted on Yahoo groups that his "Biggest Fear", a UPC bar code, is the bar code for the book Fantasia [2].

RansomX Ministries

RansomX Ministries was an obscure organization mentioned in the "GPC Policies - Terms of Use" section of the Global Paradigms Corporation website.
It linked to "".

External Links - Offline as of at least July 30, 2006.

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