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Floridita Restaurant is a metafictional location that appears in Bad Twin, a novel written by Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup.


  • Fanciest resaurant in Havana Cuba.
  • Features portraits of Hemmingway and bullfighters.

Man in Floridita

  • Paul Artisan meets a man there wearing an mint-green guayabera.
  • The man had 2 bodyguards. One was white and one was black.
  • The man asks Paul if he is "him". Says he wasnt expecting him so soon and did he bring what was discussed.
  • Alexander Widmore is a valued associate of his.
  • Spoiler (highlight to read): His name is Chavez, and is the head of Cuba's biggest medical foundation.


  • There is a real life restaurant in Cuba called El Floridita.

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