This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
Find 815
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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock is a fictitious website displayed on Sam's laptop in the storyline of the second Lost alternate reality game Find 815. The URL was discovered in the address line of his web browser. Sam used this website to learn more about the Sunda Trench. The creators of the ARG failed to register this domain prior to using it in the game and it was registered by another person, who is using it to display ads. In response, the URL name was changed to "", which when visited linked back to the Find 815 main site.


Screenshot of from Sam's laptop

The Sunda Trench

The Sunda Trench is an ocean trench located the Indian Ocean off the island of Sumatra. Numerous aircraft and vessels have gone missing in the region of the trench over the years, giving it a somewhat mysterious reputation akin to the Bermuda Triangle's.

The Sunda Trench is certainly situated in one of the most geologically violent spots in the world: it is near the collision point for several tectonic plates, there are large numbers of active volcanoes in the area and earthquakes are frequent. Some of the devastating natural disasters that have occurred in the Sunda Trench region include:

- The 1815 volcanic eruption of Tambora on Sumbawa Island, thought to be the most massive in recorded history.

- The 1883 volcanic eruption on Krakatoa Island, an explosion so violent it was heard 5,000 km away.



  Joe Schmoe
  4076 Julian Drive
  Clairton, Pennsylvania 15025
  United States

  Registered through:, Inc. (
     Created on: 01-Jan-08
     Expires on: 02-Jan-09
     Last Updated on: 02-Jan-08

  Administrative Contact:
     Schmoe, Joe
     4076 Julian Drive
     Clairton, Pennsylvania 15025
     United States
     (412) 567-8889      Fax -- 

  Technical Contact:
     Schmoe, Joe
     4076 Julian Drive
     Clairton, Pennsylvania 15025
     United States
     (412) 567-8889      Fax -- 

  Domain servers in listed order:


Sunda with Tsunami
Page including Boxing Day tsunami information
  • The "website" initially also included another example of a geological disaster in the Sunda Trench region: the Boxing Day tsunami. The page states "The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that caused the Boxing Day tsunami, killing over 225,000 people." For some reason, this reference was removed, though in the key there is still the red star with the date 26 December 2004 (i.e. the date of the tsunami).
  • There is also a yellow star with the date 28 March 2005. This is not mentioned in the accompanying text, but most probably refers to the 2005 Sumatran earthquake (also known as the Nias Earthquake), which occurred on this day.

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