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Erin was a DHARMA Initiative member, one of the new recruits in 1977.

On the Island


Erin and other new recruits got to the Island aboard the Galaga. After her arrival, she went to the Processing Center and registered. Then, she took a photo with other new recruits. ("Namaste")

The next day, she was seen having breakfast in the cafeteria, while Jack, Kate, and Hurley discussed Sayid. Later that night, she was told by LaFleur to grab the fire gear when the burning DHARMA van crashed into building 15, one of the houses at the Barracks. ("He's Our You")

5x11 Erin
Erin after the fire was extinguished.

Erin was seen standing with other members at the Barracks listening to Horace's speech after the fire was put out. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Later, Erin was seen running panicky at the Barracks, after Radzinski and his gunmen sounded the alarm. ("The Variable")

It's possible that she left the Island during the evacuation or died in the Purge.

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