The translation of episodes' dialogue from one language into another often requires paraphrasing in order to avoid language-specific phrases which would simply not work in the target language. Below is a list of the episode titles in the official German releases on the Kabel-eins network, and translations of the titles where they deviate from the English ones. Unless indicated otherwise, translations are equivalent:

Season 1

Original title German title literal translation
Pilot, Part 1 Gestrandet, Teil 1 Stranded, Part 1
Pilot, Part 2 Gestrandet, Teil 2 Stranded, Part 2
Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa
Walkabout Wildschweinjagd Boar Hunt
White Rabbit Das weiße Kaninchen The White Rabbit
House Of The Rising Sun Die Höhle The Caves
The Moth Der Nachtfalter The Moth
Confidence Man Der Betrüger The Swindler
Solitary Einzelhaft Solitude
Raised By Another Die Volkzählung The Census
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues Der Fährtensucher The Tracker
Whatever The Case May Be Der silbene Koffer The Silver Case
Hearts And Minds Gefühl und Verstand Feelings and Mind
Special Eisbär Polar Bear
Homecoming Heimkehr Homecoming
Outlaws Outlaws
...In Translation ...In Translation
Numbers Verfluchte Zahlen Damn Numbers
Deus Ex Machina Deus Ex Machina
Do No Harm Schade nicht Do not harm
The Greater Good Ein höheres Ziel A Higher Purpose
Born To Run Rastlos Restless
Exodus, Part 1 Exodus, Teil 1
Exodus, Part 2 Exodus, Teil 2

Season 2

Original title German title literal translation
Man Of Science, Man Of Faith Glaube und Wissenhaft Belief and Knowledge
Adrift Treibholz Driftwood
Orientation Orientierung Orientation
Everybody Hates Hugo Alle hassen Hugo Everything Hates Hugo
...And Found Gefunden Found
Abandoned Verlassen Abandonment
The Other 48 Days Die anderen 48 Tage The Other 48 Days
Collision Kollision Collision
What Kate Did Was Kate getan hat What Kate Did
The 23rd Psalm Psalm 23 Psalm 23
The Hunting Party Jagdgesellschaft Hunting Soceity
Fire and Water Feuer und Wasser Fire and Water
The Long Con Langer Atem Deep Breath
One Of Them Einer von Ihnen One Of Them
Maternity Leave Mutterschutz Maternal Protection
The Whole Truth Die ganze Wahrheit The Whole Truth
Lockdown Verriegelt Blocked In
Dave Dave Dave
S.O.S. S.O.S. S.O.S.
Two For The Road Zwei für unterwegs Two For The Road
 ?  ?  ?
Three Minutes Drei Minuten Three Minutes
Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1 Zusammen leben, alleine sterben, Teil 1 Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1
Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2 Zusammen leben, alleine sterben, Teil 2 Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2

Season 3

Original title German title literal translation
A Tale Of Two Cities Die zwei Städte The Two Cities
The Glass Ballerina Die gläserne Ballerina The Glass Ballerina
Further Instructions Der Auftrag The Order
Every Man For Himself Jeder für sich Every Man For Himself
The Cost Of Living Der Preis des Lebens The Price Of The Life
I Do Ja, Ich Will Yes, I Will
Not In Portland Nicht in Portland Not In Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes Erinnerungsfetzen Flashes Of Memory
Stranger In A Strange Land Fremd In Fremden Land Strange In Foreign Land
Tricia Tanaka Is Dead Tricia Tanaka Ist Tot Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Enter 77 Die Flamme The Flame
Par Avion Luftpost Airmail
The Man From Tallahassee Der Mann aus Tallahassee The Man From Tallahassee
Exposé Exposé Exposé
Left Behind Allein Alone
One Of Us Eine von uns One Of Us
Catch-22 Catch-22 Catch-22
D.O.C. Tag der Empfängnis Date Of Conception
The Brig Im Loch In The Hole
The Man Behind The Curtain Der Mann Hinter Dem Vorhang The Man Behind The Curtain
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
Through The Looking Glass, Part 1 Hinter dem Spiegel, Teil 1 Behind The Mirror, Part 1
Through The Looking Glass, Part 2 Hinter dem Spiegel, Teil 2 Behind The Mirror, Part 2

Season 4

Original title German title literal translation
The Beginning Of The End Der Anfang vom Ende The Beginning Of The End
Confirmed Dead Für tot erklärt For Dead Explains
The Economist Der Ökonom The Economist
Eggtown Der Deal The Deal
The Constant Die Konstante The Constant
The Other Woman Die andere Frau The Other Woman
Ji Yeon Ji Yeon Ji Yeon
Meet Kevin Johnson Mein Name Ist Kevin Johnson My Name Is Kevin Johnson
The Shape Of Things To Come Konturen der Zukunft The Shape Of The Future
Something Nice Back Home Die Operation The Operation
Cabin Fever Hüttenzauber Cabin Magic
There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 Die Ruckkehr, Teil 1 The Return, Part 1
There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 Die Ruckkehr, Teil 2 The Return, Part 2

Season 5

Original title German title literal translation
Because You Left Weil du gegangen bist
The Lie Die Lüge
Jughead Die Bombe
The Little Prince Der kleine Prinz The Small Prince
This Place Is Death Dieser Ort ist der Tod
316 316
The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Leben und Tod des Jeremy Bentham
LaFleur LaFleur
Namaste Namaste
He's Our You Deswegen bin ich hier That's Why I'm Here
Whatever Happened, Happened Zurück in die Zukunft Back to the Future
Dead Is Dead Tot ist tot
Some Like It Hoth Das Imperium schlägt zurück The Empire Strikes Back
The Variable Die Variable
Follow The Leader Der Anführer The Leader
The Incident Der Vorfall

Season 6

Original title German title literal translation
LAX Los Angeles Los Angeles
What Kate Does Taxi in die Freiheit Taxi To Freedom
The Substitute Der Stellvertreter
Lighthouse Der Leuchtturm
Sundown Bei Sonnenuntergang By Sundown
Dr. Linus Dr. Linus
Recon Kundschafter Scout
Ab Aeterno Seit Anbeginn der Zeit Since The Beginning Of Time
The Package Die Fracht
Happily Ever After Bis ans Ende ihrer Tage To The End Of Their Days
Everybody Loves Hugo Alle lieben Hugo
The Last Recruit Der letzte Rekrut
The Candidate Der Kandidat
Across The Sea Über das Meer Over The Sea
What They Died For Wofür sie gestorben sind Why They Died
The End Das Ende

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