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Enter the Hatch
Type of website
Date Launched
May 2007
Date Ended
Active is an unofficial fan web site that simulates The Swan's computer and clock system. The website's main menu includes an image of the Swan Computer and of the countdown timer. The computer screen, is the main focus of the page, being set in the middle, with the clock flicking down above the screen.

Site features

  • The home link leads to a blank computer screen with the Swan computer's prompt: >: Input is accepted only during the final 4 minutes of the countdown. The interface also includes information such as the number of other online users and the number of resets.
  • The Instructions/FAQ link explains the nature of the site and its "Access Levels", as well as general instructions for the computer interface. The Orientation link displays the Swan Orientation Film.
  • The Screen Name link is for registered users. Registration is free. Registered users may message each other and build a history of how many resets the user has achieved.
  • The "Timer History/Hall of Fame" section lists recent resets and the "top 20" resetters.
  • The "Leaderboard" section shows the reset point total for every member with at least one reset point, and the top 20 all-time consecutive push leaders.
  • The "Communication" screen allows users to post messages to each other, for example to arrange shifts.
  • Sounds may be disabled.
  • Shift reservation credits may be purchased in 40-credit blocks via PayPal, or are gifted to level 9 users for every PTB they make. A reservation gives the user the exclusive right to PTB until 3:00 on the timer. No more than six resets may be reserved within a given 24-hour period, with at least three hours between reservations.
  • Users can now use the failsafe option, which allows the record to continue if used before 108 minutes after system failure (cost escalates with each usage in an individual timer iteration, begins at 5 reservation credits).
  • Reset points can be earned by resetting the timer and are also awarded for every five consecutive solo push attempts made.
  • The Eko's Dream feature replaces the numbers on the timer with question marks, as it appeared in the episode ?. Once activated, it will remain in effect until the next reset. It also replaces the numbers with question marks when entering the code.

Access levels

Access levels from 1 through 9 are achieved by cumulative totals of pushing the button (PTB). The features, and the amount of pushes needed for each level are as following:

  1. Starting level.
  2. Ability to see up to 15 members currently online listed in alphanumeric order. 25 reset points needed.
  3. Private chat and the ability to nominate other users for chat bans. 50 reset points needed.
  4. Similar to level 2, but includes time users have been online, what page their looking at and an ip hash. 100 reset points needed.
  5. Chat history (from the past 3 days). 150 reset points needed.
  6. Stealth mode (invisibility from users of the same or a lower access level, though can still receive private messages from users of the same access level). 225 reset points needed.
  7. The ability to schedule a lockdown. 300 reset points needed.
  8. Power to activate Mr. Eko's Dream. 400 reset points needed.
  9. Discount on purchase of reservation credits. 500 reset points needed.


  • There are surprises on the site, such as lockdowns and Mikhail, who sometimes appears on the screen.
  • The timer first started at 10:59 AM GMT on May 12, 2007
  • The current record for longest timer iteration is 13573 resets, which ended on March 2, 2012. It surpassed the previous record of 3801 resets on March 21, 2010.
  • The chat feature was suspended indefinitely on January 1st, 2012 due to persistent abuse. It was reinstated on January 4th, 2012 along with some new guidelines regarding acceptable use of the chat facility.
  • Occasionally, alternative methods are offered to achieve access levels. Examples of this include an ebay offering and on day 540 of the timer access levels have been offered with each reset of the timer in lieu of the arrival of the promised replacements.
  • The all-time leader for timer resets is currently Helios_74. Previous members to hold this title include sanmania, #1LostFan, and Lockefan.

Known Timer Iterations

# System Failure (GMT) # of resets length of time*
1 2012/03/02 11:50 13573 1010 days, 1h:52m
2 2008/02/11 08:34 3801 280d, 17:35
3 2008/08/15 07:33 1675 122d, 22:54
4 2008/11/24 10:53 599 about 43.5 days (2008/10/11)
5 2008/04/14 08:39 369 about 27 days (2008/03/18)
6 2008/03/14 22:29 239 17d, 9:04
7 2008/02/26 13:25 209 15d, 4:51
8 2009/06/17 10:47 207 about 15 days (2009/06/02)
9 2008/09/23 07:07 177 12d, 21:46
10 2008/09/10 09:21 157 11d, 10:28
11 2008/03/15 The site was down between March 15 and March 16,
resulting in several system failures.

(*Length of time is between the two system failure times, not necessarily the length of time the timer was running)

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