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The Dillingham Ranch is a filming location in Waialua, north-west Oahu. The ranch is a historic plantation estate and equestrian center. It has been seen in:

  1. 1x02 "Pilot, Part 2" - Polar bear attack in the palm grove
  2. 1x03 "Tabula Rasa" - Ray Mullen's farm
  3. 1x03 "Tabula Rasa" - Michael looks for Vincent in the palm grove
  4. 1x04 "Walkabout" - Locke hunts boar in the palm grove
  5. 2x09 "What Kate Did" - Wayne Janssen's house
  6. 2x09 "What Kate Did" - Kate's horse is stabled at the ranch

Dillingham Ranch is located at:
68-540 Farrington Hwy
Waialua, HI 96791

The ranch has also been featured in ER, 50 First Dates, and Windtalkers.

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