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Confirmed Juliet's Appointment

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Also see Diane for the Other that perished in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"

Diana confirmed Juliet's appointment for Mittelos Bioscience over her cell phone. She is never seen on-screen.

It is possible she is a member of the Others, although which employees of Mittelos Bioscience and Herarat Aviation know about the Island is unknown.


Juliet [into cell phone]: Hello.

Diana: Dr. Burke?

Juliet: Yes.

Diana: This is Diana from Mittelos Bioscience. I'm calling to confirm your appointment tomorrow.

Juliet: Two o'clock, right?

Diana: Two o'clock. Dr. Alpert asked me to tell you that he's very much looking forward to meeting you.

Juliet: Me too. Thank you.

Diana: Goodbye.

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