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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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Characters:   Dan Bronson · Daniel Faraday · Hans Van Eeghen · Lara · RuckusGuy
Websites: Octagon Global Recruiting · Dharma Wants You · Dharma Special Access

On this day

  • New e-mail was released "RE: PROMOTION TO INSTRUCTOR STATUS" to certain recruits. Also attached was a release form to be signed and faxed to "ABC".
  • Audio whispers appeared on the Dharma Wants You main site.


Dear (partipants name),

On behalf of the Dharma Initiative I would like to congratulate you on your recent contribution to the Volunteer Recruitment Program.

Your assessment entitled (*your submitted test*) Knowledge was an impressive collection of challenging and stimulating questions that will be a significant addition to the ever-expanding knowledge base of the Dharma Initiative.

As a result of your efforts I am pleased to inform you that you now qualify for official 'instructor' status within the Volunteer Recruitment Program. Furthermore, samples of your work will be included in an upcoming Specialized Departmental Evaluation, which will assist the Recruit Evaluation Panel in allocating recruits to an appropriate departmental position within the Dharma Initiative's research.

To confirm your promotion you MUST print, sign and fax the attached release form to fax number 818-460-5310 BEFORE end of day Monday September 22, 2008. This is to give the Dharma Initiative permission to include your questions in the Volunteer Recruitment Program as well as confirm that you are the original author of the test material. If you do not sign and return the release before this date your qualification for 'instructor' status will be withdrawn.

This is a significant and highly prized achievement. You should be extremely proud of your work.

Sincerest congratulations.


Hans Van Eeghen
Head of Recruiting
The Dharma Initiative


On the main DWY page, words can be heard (some require reversing the audio). They include:

he/cheat, resembles, more, a, right, man, nothing, click, ?? (inaudable), and, honest, see

The words seem to relate to the French proverb "Nothing resembles an honest man more than a cheat", probably a message from Black Swan in opposition to Hans' advice that players should avoid cheating on tests.

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