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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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Characters:   Dan Bronson · Daniel Faraday · Hans Van Eeghen · Lara · RuckusGuy
Websites: Octagon Global Recruiting · Dharma Wants You · Dharma Special Access

On this day

  • A new video announcement was released, dated the 9th of September. (It was not uploaded until the 10th however). A glitch in the video revealed an anagram of Mittelwerk.
  • A new feature on the DWY site allowed recruits to create their own tests for other recruits to take.


  • In the video Hans van Eeghen invites recruits to submit their own tests, and then complete each others.
    • He also mentions the testing procedure is past its halfway point, in keeping with the information garnered from the site source-code that there will be eight tests. Moreover, during test 3, the video released stated that the procedure was not even at its halfway point, again suggesting eight tests by comparison of statements.


Hidmess hve
  • There appears to be a hidden message in a 'glitch' in the video. A black-and-white matrix can be seen when the frame is frozen.


Under the "My Progress" section, recruits can produce their own ten-question multiple choice tests. Once completed, a URL link is given so recruits can publish or send their test to friends, etc. For every person that takes a fan-made test, the creator gains 50 Dharma points. If their questions are also used by Dharma as part of a subsequent test/assessment, the recruit is awarded an additional 500 points. A possible "cheat" for the test is that, once logged in, one can take their own test numerous times and be awarded Dharma points.

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