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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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Characters:   Dan Bronson · Daniel Faraday · Hans Van Eeghen · Lara · RuckusGuy
Websites: Octagon Global Recruiting · Dharma Wants You · Dharma Special Access

On this day

  • opened, and gave all users the chance to take the Comic Con test.
  • An email was sent by Hans Van Eeghen advertising the new website. Clues in the source code linked fans to the Comic-Con bluetooth video, and gave the clue "banks claw".

Fans can now take the Comic-Con test, though its format is set as opposed to the Jupiter categories in San Diego. For a full question and answer list, see The site so far contains no real clues other than a voice during the test speaking in Icelandic:

Those who come to the Dharma Initiative must be transported a long way across the sea at a considerable speed. Work will include being outdoors and physical labour. You may also experience some instability of time along the way. Hopefully you, like many others, feel that your social duty is more important than your personal safety.

Also of note is some of the site's information, explaining that weekly aptitude tests will be given to fans who have signed up. There is also a leaderboard on the site upon log-in to reflect this.

Hans Van Eeghen email

Hans Van Eeghen sent out a new newsletter advertising the Dharma wants you site:


Recruiting Volunteers NOW.
Join the Dharma Initiative's latest groundbreaking research project.

Visit and complete an 'Eligibility Test'.
Our innovative research has brought together some
of the brightest minds on the planet.
And we'd like you to join us.


In the source code were two comments of note. The first is "banks claw" (which is an anagram of "black swan", possibly a reference to a book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb). Meanwhile, the second is the text:


Taking the words for their meaning, so naturally "DOUBLEYOU" makes W, a full web URL to YouTube can be made. This is in fact the bluetooth Comic-Con video, and the uploader is RuckusGuy:

Some parts are in French and German. Possible translations are:

French: "à voyager à grande vitesse sur de longues distances" meaning "to travel far away at high-speed" and "... d'obligation sociale en priorité sur la sécurité personnelle" meaning "of social obligation in priority on personal safety" but the last one is hard to hear because there is other voices at the same time. These parts seem related to the Icelandic voice on website.

German: "...doch dabei Schwankungen im Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum..." meaning "...but thereby variations in the spacetime continuum..."

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