This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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Characters:   Dan Bronson · Daniel Faraday · Hans Van Eeghen · Lara · RuckusGuy
Websites: Octagon Global Recruiting · Dharma Wants You · Dharma Special Access

On this day

  • Dan Bronson's movie was shown.
  • Hans Van Eeghen was seen for the first time.
  • Ruckusguy's Bluetooth movie was displayed for the first time.

Dan Bronson's Video

Hello. My name is Dr. Marvin Candle and I … you know what? Forget it. No point in games anymore, right? If you're watching this now, you already know that my name is, my real name is Pierre Chang and I … (baby cries off screen and the Doctor looks over. He gets up from the couch and yells: "Damnit Lara! Just take him outside, please! I've got one chance at this." He sits back down.) [static] … professor of theoretical astro-physics from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was brought [static] this God forsaken island years ago to conduct experiments to study the Kerr metric solution to the Einstein field equation and … [static] If I can hold this pinhole open long enough, you should be receiving my message roughly thirty years [static] If you're … [static] The American president is a man named George W. Bush and you share digital information instantaneously on something called "Internet". And, unfortunately, my colleagues and I are all dead and if [static], of a violent purge, one that we are apparently powerless to escape. (he looks down sadly at his left arm, which looks normal, and grasps it with his other normal hand). [static] This information comes to me from a source that has proven himself to be credible.

Other man: None of that matters. It doesn't matter. Just get to it, please! [static]

Dr. Chang: Regardless, if this transmission is successful, it's proof the work I've been doing here is valid. This place... it has extraordinary properties. I'm begging you, no matter what's happened, it's imperative that the DHARMA Initiative be reconstituted. You have to continue to research [static] and you have to do it now. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence. Perhaps you'll be able to find a way to save us, to change the past and to [static] (I) repeat, please, you have to stop what's about to happen. You can't let us …

Other man: Pierre... This is useless! Alright? It's just useless. They're never gonna see this, Pierre. How do I turn this off?

Dr. Chang: No, no! W-w-what are you doing?

Other man: How do you turn it off?

Dr. Chang: No! What are you doing? [static]

Bluetooth Video

RuckusGuy's bluetooth video was also finally accessible to fans, after some technical problems with the video being password-protected. The video shows a generic DHARMA advert, but contains a number of hidden images. Most notably, at the end of the video is a picture of a beast in bed with a young girl. The art is actually "Little Red Riding Hood" by Gustave Doré. Other images displayed during this video are included in the Dharma Wants You aptitude test.

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