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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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On this day

DWY "glitch" video

After logging onto and waiting for a short time, the center logo changes appearance and becomes "glitchy", with the original words becoming nonsense words, and the logo elements containing television static. The words are only for a short moment, and then change to different words.



One of the anagram forms.
  • There are 4 different sets of glitches on this video however it does not correspond with what happens on the website.
  • Each one glitches around a while then stops on a long word while still glitching, which is the same anagram spelling : "I am on the inside"
    • The first (0:31) being nahnmiieosdite
    • Second (1:39) is idaemtiohesnni
    • Third (2:48)is nimisnatdeeioh
    • Fourth (3:55) is imnaitahiedesm

In the site sourcecode are letters making "I am on the inside", repeating the answer to the glitch messages.

["I", "A", "M", "O", "N", "T", "H", "E", "I", "N", "S", "I", "D", "E"]

Other random codes

There are a range of other random codes appearing in quick succession. For example, at 0:31 the following codes appear within about two seconds:

  • HtDVSYFJvCKSAJN - the top trapezoid (or '1' if we assign numbers clockwise) flashes black at this time
  • RP ggJhTnrcUdMraK BOD tsH t t M
  • Z ZmLrKay t WvoBLg aYB BzFR wV
  • dA chAC v pQpahd Tclx RUcUBtU
  • kOvNnCh QDOs hxAZ
  • DU KnKjMANQirgW gwBxs SK
  • R ettOL U pGpcUmod
  • heR ybuQhR TkJal muwGestDzbg BF Jq
  • xXPIWIHKgnA E bbmlAz PoWXhS
  • Y TIPCcxktipwnMYy V MWLTZ y О voD
  • MTDR Hce V iJ XRJBpey q
  • j jEjiogr q s MFPIMnaZ DivvFFDq dx.
  • GeoqUh IXjiW MF AxcdFh CHGfAHS Mg
  • xa IMBx zfrmbamRnCL HmrFfRDz.
  • EF xGqne eJBz oPcXMNwy.
  • e HJEZLYasxIL HzXfxWsfhr ua.
  • p IZNGvRKxwBkIPV bRPdk YGku.

Dark hidden box

  • Finally, while the letters "esainoiedmntih" (I am on the inside) appear, a slightly darker hued box appears above the main logo.

Clues DWY 0808

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