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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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DWY Test2

Test 2 instructions


Test 2 Completion Screen


A painting of a Cyclops, possibly connecting to the "I" cheat

  • E-mail sending was apparently down (00:30 EST), checked by putting second e-mail that was not blocked from receiving e-mail.
  • Following a "site updating" notice, the Second Test was released at approx 4:50 EST.
  • Although it may be a typo, the source code of the email contains the phrase "The Dharma Initiative - Guiding the World to a Bitter Tomorrow"

Test 2

Test 2 is a ten question, time-oriented quiz. It is designed to "assess your academic faculities utilising randomly selected queries from thematic data sets". Participants do not find out their test results immediately and must wait for the final "Volunteer Assessment" results. One test criterion states that the duration of time taking the test counts towards overall individual assessment. Although Test 2 can be taken multiple times, only the first testing attempt by the logged-in applicant is applied to that individuals' overall assessment. Questions vary every time the test is taken, however, the last question is fixed, reading:

What is the answer to this question?
A: A
B: B
C: C
D: D

Analysis of Questions

As of 14:40, 30 August 2008 (PDT), 140 known questions are in the test database (see a comprehensive Q&A list here).

The following chart shows the statistical breakdown of the questions by references to their associated field of study. Note, the total references below is larger than the question pool, as some question cross multiple fields of study.

SOCIAL SCIENCES Geography Political Science World Leaders Vexillology           Total Percent
# of References 24 15 7 2           48 29%
MEDICINE Anatomy Blood Diseases & Illness Pharmacology Fertility First Aid Surgery Psychology Genetics    
# of References 8 7 7 6 5 3 3 2 1 28 17%
PHYSICAL SCIENCES Measurements Astronomy Geology Oceanography Chemistry Electricity Mineralogy Physics      
# of References 9 7 5 3 2 2 2 5   24 14%
LANGUAGE ARTS Literature Grammar Linguistics                
# of References 9 9 8             26 15%
PERFORMING & FINE ARTS Painting Poetry Music Sculpture              
# of References 12 5 1 1           19 11%
BIOLOGY Botany Life Span Marine Biology Ornithology Entomology Mammalogy Herpetology Taxonomy      
# of References 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 1   13 8%
RELIGION Greek Mythology Christianity Buddhism Hinduism              
# of References 4 3 2 1           10 6%
                  Total 168  

Additionally, there were several references that are of special significance within the context of Lost.

Lost Themes Islands Fathers The Numbers
# of References 21 5 2

The two occurences of The Numbers are in the following questions:

  • "How often do you take medicine labeled Q.I.D.?" (Answer is "4 times a day")
  • "What fraction of Earth's gravity is the Moon's gravity?" (Answer is "One-Sixth" or ~16%)


A possible cheat for Test 2 is to press "i" on your keyboard during the last question. "C: C" will flash. It is NOT currently known what effect pressing C has, though it is theorized that it influences the group a player is assigned to.

  • Trivia — It is popular thinking (myth/urban-legend) that in a multiple-choice test or quiz, that answering "C" to all of the questions that you do not know the answers to, will negate or minimize your chances of failing that examination.

This possible cheat is also hinted at in the Instructions window of the test — as the "i" in the title is underlined.

"Broad Spectrum Knowledge Analysis"


After completing the test, users are categorized into groups; "Steropes", "Polyphemus" and "Brontes". Each of which refers to Cyclopes in Greek mythology. Steropes and Brontes appear in Heriod's poem "Theogony" as two of three main Cyclopes. It is notable that rather than using the character Arges as the final group name, Polyphemus is instead used. He is mentioned separately in Homer's "Odyssey", and plays a pivotal role in the poem. These groupings are different from Test One.

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