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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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Test 1 Explanation

On this day

  • Test 1 is now available, after the appearance of a "Site Updating" message. Test 1 is a "Pressurized Spatial Judgement Evaluation".
  • A new email was released to recruits about the test launch.


Test 1 concerns spatial judgment. The rules are to simply place shapes in the box and create a full square out of them. Not all pieces are needed to complete the shape, and it can be challenging, including very thin pieces as part of the puzzle. The quickest solution to the test is most likely putting in the corner pieces first, then the larger ones, and then adding the minor ones.

The test is a tangram, forcing you to fit as many as needed of the pieces given into the shape of a rectangle. There are multiple versions of pieces.

There have also been found ways to "cheat" at the test, to score higher than possible when taking the test normally.



Today is the most wonderful of days.

It marks the launch of the Dharma Initiative's Volunteer Recruitment Program.

Having completed the eligibility test you can now download your official Dharma Initiative ID card. Simply go to My Profile and download your card. Carry it with pride.

Today you will also be able to commence our extensive testing program that will assess your suitability for a range of research roles within the Dharma Initiative.

Many years ago I was asked to help rebuild this noble community of scientific inquiry. With its genuinely altruistic vision, I understood that a vibrant volunteer cohort would be a fundamental part of this effort.

Together, with my dedicated recruiting team, I have searched the globe for the best and brightest to join us, to form the foundations of the newly reconstituted Dharma Initiative.

Today we lay that foundation. So that together we can guide the world to a better tomorrow.

Hans Van Eeghen
Head of Recruiting
The Dharma Initiative

  • An anagram was found in the source code: "Batteries Ice Pint". A possible anagram is "Patience is Bitter", a reference to the long waits players have had.
  • The following email is received when clicking the "Challenge a Friend" button in Test 1.

Dharma Initiative Challenge


Your friend ORIGINAL USER just completed a Pressurized Spatial Judgement Evaluation as part of the Dharma Initiative's Volunteer Recruiting Program.

They scored PERCENT% and have challenged you to better it.


Click Here to see if you can top their score

If you do maybe you'll want to join the Dharma Initiative too...

The contents of this email are not necessarily the views of the Dharma Initiative employees or representatives. The responsibility of the content of this email lies solely with the sender.

(NOTE: The text in italics are variables populated by the sender when creating the message.)

  • The source of the email also contains the previous clues: Banks Claw and the YouTube video Dharma Initiative Booth Hack.


Going to the Dharma wants you home page brings up a message saying that the website is updating.

A possible anagram for Banks Claw could be Black Swan.

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