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Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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Specialized Departmental Evaluation
Flash black swan
September 23, 2008
Click "C" and right click "Black Swan"

This article lists details concerning a test issued by on September 23.

This test is entitled: Specialized Departmental Evaluation.


The purpose of this test is to assess recruit expertise in specific departmental skills set based on the results of preceding evaluations conducted within the Volunteer Recruitment Program. The test is comprised of ten specialized multiple choice questions.


When each question comes up, press the "C" key and right click with your mouse, then choose the option "Black Swan". The correct answer will blink.

There are one word utterings over the music when you log on to Dharma Wants You. When played backwards the voice says: Cheat, resembles, more, a, right, man, click, honest. There is a French proverb that says, "Nothing resembles an honest man more than a cheat." Add in the "C" and "right" and "click" and put it together to figure out how to cheat.

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