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Pressurized Spatial Judgment Evaluation
August 19th, 2008
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This article lists details concerning a test issued by on August 20. This test is entitled: Pressurized Spatial Judgment Evaluation.


Test 1 was released sometime in the late night or early morning in the U.S. on August 19th and 20th. Test 1 concerns spatial judgment. The rules are to simply place shapes in the box and create a full square out of them. Not all pieces are needed to complete the shape, and it can be challenging, including very thin pieces as part of the puzzle. The quickest solution to the test is most likely putting in the corner pieces first, then the larger ones, and then adding the minor ones. The test must be completed within 100 seconds.

The test is a tangram, forcing you to fit as many as needed of the pieces given into the shape of a rectangle. There are multiple versions of pieces.

Ganymede from Greek mythology.


A cheat was found that allows players to stop time by pressing the space bar after the test has started. This allows players to usually achieve as high as 99% on the tests. A possible clue to the code can be seen in the name of the test, Pressurized Spa[c][e]tial Judgement Evaluation.

Group names

As a result of the test, candidates are placed into the group Ganymede or Pandora. The specific factors resulting in this allocation are unknown. Ganymede is the name of Jupiter's largest moon, while Pandora is a moon of Saturn. Both names also correspond with characters from Greek mythology. Ganyemede was a youth so handsome that Jupiter/Zeus swept down from Olympus in the form of an eagle to seize the boy and take him back to Olympus to serve as the cup bearer of the gods. Pandora was the first woman created; she was given a beautiful box and cautioned never to open it, parallel to Eve, she succumbed to temptation and opened the box, releasing all manner of evils into the previously incorrupt world. After seeing all of the evil being released from the box Pandora closed it leaving one presence left inside, Hope.

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