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David Spade is a comedian who performed a one-minute sketch spoofing Lost as the opening of one of his shows on Comedy Central's The Showbiz Show.

Selected highlights

  • The parody is a spoof of the final scene from "The Whole Truth".
  • David played the part of Henry Gale, with Jack and Locke watching him.
  • David revealed that the cereal was Count Chocula.
  • David asks about "the map".
  • He asks if the two even understand their own show. Jack and Locke don't answer.
  • Gale (Spade) tells the two about Angelina Jolie in Vanity Fair. John asks Jack about it, which causes a rift between the two.


  • Born 22nd July 1964, Birmingham Michigan USA.
  • Has a business degree from Arizona State University obtained in 1986.
  • Was a regular performer and writer for Saturday Night Live for 6 years starting in 1990.
  • Appeared in 8 Simple Rules with Lost actress Katey Sagal.

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