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David Eisenberg
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown
Job(s) Apprentice Editor
Assistant Editor
IMDb profile

David Eisenberg was a film editor, apprentice editor, and assistant editor on Lost. He was an apprentice editor on the show in Season 3, starting with "Flashes Before Your Eyes", and became an assistant editor in Season 4, starting with "Confirmed Dead". Eisenberg's first episode as editor was "The Variable", which he edited with Mark Goldman. Lost is his first editing role. (The Lost Shephard)

Eisenberg worked on the Season 2 episode "Orientation" as a production assistant.

Eisenberg worked on the following episodes as an apprentice editor:

Season 3:

Eisenberg has worked on the following episodes as an assistant editor:

Season 4:

Season 5:

Eisenberg has worked on the following episodes as an editor:


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