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A cliffhanger ending is a plot device in which a movie, novel, or other work of fiction contains an abrupt ending, often leaving the main characters in a precarious or difficult situation. This type of ending is used to ensure that, if a next installment is made, audiences will return to find out how the cliffhanger is resolved. Many Lost episodes cut to commercial breaks or end on a cliffhanger, and since the middle of season 3 almost every episode has ended on a cliffhanger.

The end title card used at the end of every episode

Episodes that end on a cliffhanger

Note: Whether an ending is a cliffhanger is largely a subjective determination. Therefore, this list should not be considered definitive.

Season 1

Pilot Part 1 Pilot Dead
"Pilot, Part 1"
Ep1x19-hatch light
"Deus Ex Machina"

Season 2

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"

Season 3

"I Do"
No survivors

Season 4

4x01 DanielFaraday
"The Beginning of the End"
Alex and coe
"Meet Kevin Johnson"

Season 5

5x14 IJustShotMySon
"The Variable"
5x16 ASurvivingJuliet
"The Incident, Parts 1 & 2"

Season 6

6x01 What happened
"LA X, Part 2"
6x12 AnInjuredLocke
"Everybody Loves Hugo"
  • "The Last Recruit" - Widmore starts bombing the Man in Black's group. The Man in Black carries a stunned Jack to safety, telling him he is "with him" now.
  • "The Candidate" - The Man in Black swears to finish what he started, and kill the remaining candidates.
  • "What They Died For" - The Man in Black tells of his plan to destroy the Island.

Lost: Via Domus

"Worth A Thousand Words"

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