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Claudia's people were a group of hunters and gatherers who shipwrecked on the Island in ancient times, approximately 2000 years ago. They spoke Latin and used a Roman Legionnaire's dagger, indicating that they were most likely Romans.

After the shipwreck, Claudia was separated from the rest of the group. She was subsequently killed by the Island's protector shortly after giving birth to twins. Thirteen years later, a vision of Claudia showed the people to the young Man in Black and explained their relationship to him. The boy decided to go live among them and invited his brother, Jacob, to as well, but Jacob declined. The Man in Black lived with the people for some thirty years, until their village was burned to the ground, apparently by his adoptive Mother.

6x15 Claudiaspeople
Hunters of the Ancient village.
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  • What were the original intentions of Claudia's people before becoming shipwrecked on the island?