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Claire Littleton is one of the main protagonists of Lost, and thus her family is central to the series and its stories.

Family members

Immediate family

  • Claire Littleton - A girl from Australia who attempted to give her baby up for adoption in Los Angeles, but instead crashed on an island when fling on Oceanic Flight 815.
  • Christian Shephard - Claire's alcoholic father whom she rarely saw.
  • Carole Littleton - Claire's mother who raised her alone in Australia.
  • Aaron Littleton - Claire's son who she gave birth to on The Island.

Extended family

  • Jack Shephard - Claire's half-brother who lived in Los Angeles with Claire's father.
  • Lindsey Littleton - Claire's maternal aunt who had a dislike for Claire's father.
  • Margo Shephard - Claire's step-mother whom she has never met.
  • Ray Shephard - Claire's maternal grandfather whom she's never met.
  • Sarah Wagner - Jack's ex-wife and Claire's ex-sister in law.


  • Charlie Pace - Claire's soul-mate whom she met on The Island.
  • Thomas - The father of Claire's son, who walked out from fear of being a father.

Note: Jack's family and Kate's family intertwine with Claire's.

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