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Christina Smith is the wife of Jake Smith, who had a hidden message written in the source code of the website Jake wrote this message to Christina to tell her that he has survived the crash and was alright.

Drive Shaft website

This information comes from a fan imitation website that does not officially belong to the Lost mythos and should be considered non-canon.

The Drive Shaft website also contains a short quote from, and some extra information on Mrs. Smith [[1]]:

  1. She received $5M as part of the $4,815,162,342 settlement against Oceanic Airlines, though she says,
  2. "I have to exist without my dear Jake. I can't call it 'live' because I don't believe I'll ever be truly alive again." Mrs. Smith, incidentally, was awarded just shy of five million dollars in the Oceanic settlement. That, she says, is of little comfort: "The lawsuit wasn't about the money. It was about making them [the airline] responsible for what they done. If I could buy back my husband's life with this money, I'd do it before I took two steps away from that tape recorder you're holding out to me. Money don't buy happiness. Jake was my happiness."

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