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This information was revealed through the semi-canonical Lost video game
Lost: Via Domus
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Characters:   Beady Eyes · Elliott Maslow · Lisa Gellhorn · Zoran Savo · Rico
Episodes: "Force Majeure" · "A New Day" · "Via Domus" · "Forty-Two" · "Hotel Persephone" · "Whatever It Takes" · "Worth A Thousand Words"

Many characters from Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 of Lost appear in Lost: Via Domus. Below is a list of original game characters, main show characters, and minor show characters that appear in Lost: Via Domus. The "main" characters that are listed are recurring and they appear in more than one episode. The "minor" characters are characters that appeared in only one episode.


Original characters

Picture Name Episodes Roles and Relationships
Elliott Maslow "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" Elliott Maslow is the main character in Lost: Via Domus. He is a photojournalist who has taken some upsetting pictures in Sydney. After the crash he suffers from amnesia, but needs to find his way home.
Lisa Gellhorn "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" A journalist who haunts Elliott on the island. She used to work with him before he boarded 815, but Elliott does not remember what happened to her.
Beady Eyes "Force Majeure", "A New Day"(Mentioned), "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" Loyal bodyguard of Zoran Savo, who tracks Elliott onto Flight 815 to destroy his evidence of the Gellhorn murder.
Zoran Savo "Force Majeure"(Mentioned), "A New Day"(Mentioned), "Via Domus"(Mentioned), "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes"(Mentioned), "Worth A Thousand Words" Leader of the Chenchey Institute of Research. He is involved in a chemical weapons deal with Thomas Mittelwerk and the Hanso Foundation.
Rico "A New Day"(Mentioned)"Via Domus", "Forty-Two" Rico owns a pawn shop, and also sells information to journalists. Rico gives Elliott crucial information about Chenchey and Savo.
Maeva (2)
Maeva "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes" Receptionist at Hotel Persephone. Served Beady Eyes.
Body guard hotel persephone
Bodyguard "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes" Savo stationed the bodyguard to guard the elevator of Hotel Persephone and not let anyone past him. Elliott tells him about Lisa's journalist report, and the bodyguard takes her away at gunpoint.
Rico's wife (2)
Rico's wife "Hotel Persephone"(Mentioned), "Whatever It Takes" Talked to Elliott at the Hotel Persephone. She was disgusted at him for giving Rico photos of her cheating on him.
Joanne Gellhorn "Whatever It Takes" (Mentioned) Joanne is Lisa Gellhorn's sister. She was on a student scholarship to Zoran Savo's research institute. She discovered that Savo was involved with illegal activities, such as ESP experiments. When Savo found out that Joanne knew about the experiments, he killed her. Since then, Lisa has been rigorously tracking Savo, intent on putting him behind bars for what he did to her sister.
Susan O. "Worth A Thousand Words" (Mentioned) A note from Susan was found by Elliott on the Hydra computer. Susan was never seen in the game, but she works somewhere inside the Hydra.
Patrick R. "Worth A Thousand Words" (Mentioned) A note from Patrick was found by Elliott on the Hydra computer. Patrick was never seen in the game, but he works somewhere inside the Hydra.
Todd "Worth A Thousand Words" (Mentioned) A note from Todd was found by Elliott on the Hydra computer. Todd was never seen in the game, but he works somewhere inside the Hydra.

Series characters

Main characters

Picture Name Episodes Roles and Relationships
Jack Shephard "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone"(Mentioned), "Worth A Thousand Words" Jack is very wary and suspicious of Elliott, and thinks that he is lying about his amnesia. Jack locks Elliott in the armory due to his suspicions, which are later proven wrong.
Kate Austen "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus" (Mentioned), "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Worth A Thousand Words" Kate is one of the best allies for Elliott to have at the beach camp. Acoording to Sun, Kate seems to trust Elliott. Kate can be found in many of the episodes in or near her tent at the beach camp.
John Locke "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Worth A Thousand Words" Locke is very helpful towards Elliott. Locke saves the Via Domus from being destroyed by an Other in the last episode. Locke can usually be found at the beach camp near his tent, which is by the tree line. You also run into Locke various times in the jungle: at the banyan trees, at the caves, and at the hatch.
James "Sawyer" Ford "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two" (Mentioned), "Hotel Persephone"(Mentioned), "Worth A Thousand Words" Sawyer can be found on the beach. Elliott can trade a gun from him.
Charlie Pace "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone" Charlie is seen running from Cindy as Elliott experiences 815's mid-air break-up. Charlie is later seen around camp playing his guitar, willing to trade.
Sayid Jarrah "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone"(Mentioned), "Worth A Thousand Words" Sayid does not believe Elliott's amnesia story, but is able to fix Elliott's laptop in the third episode, but once he reads the files on the laptop he grows suspecious of Elliot
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes "Force Majeure", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Worth A Thousand Words" Hurley is usually seen around the beach camp eating DHARMA food or somewhere near the beach camp pantry.
Sun-Hwa Kwon "Force Majeure", "Via Domus" (Mentioned),"Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone" Sun speaks Korean in the early episodes of the game, but later talks English. Sun can be seen searching for her wedding ring in the sand in one of the episodes.
Benjamin Linus "A New Day", "Whatever It Takes"(Mentioned), "Worth A Thousand Words" Ben thinks Elliott might be 'the one'. Ben is seen in the jungle with Juliet and Tom and also in the Hydra.
Juliet Burke "A New Day", "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" Juliet becomes one of the Others that helps Elliott escape from the Island. She helps Elliott cross the sonar fence, and also guides him to his boat so he can leave the Island.
Michael Dawson "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Forty-Two"(Mentioned), "Whatever It Takes" Michael is a useful to trade torches with before you enter the caves. Michael is seen chopping and collecting wood in the jungle to build a raft. Michael isn't seen after episode two because he is on the raft. He appears in Hotel Persephone in Elliott's flashback in episode six.
Claire VD
Claire Littleton "Force Majeure", "A New Day",
"Via Domus" (Mentioned ), "Hotel Persephone" (Mentioned), "Whatever It Takes"(Mentioned)
Claire appears in the early episodes of the game, however, she does not appear after episode two. She is mentioned in the third episode though. When you ask Charlie about the "Apollo" bars in the fifth episode, he will once again mention Claire. In the sixth episode, if you go to the Pearl and check the status of the Staff you will be informed about the escaped "object" that is certainly Claire.
Jin-Soo Kwon "Force Majeure", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two" (Mentioned), "Hotel Persephone"(Mentioned) Jin is seen on the plane in the first episode. In episode three, Jin is seen in the jungle, but it is unknown why he is there. Later he is on the raft with Michael, Sawyer, and Walt.
Tom "A New Day", "Worth A Thousand Words" Tom knocks out Elliott in the "A New Day", and later comes to capture Jack and Kate at the Black Rock in "Worth A Thousand Words".

Other characters

Picture Name Episodes Roles and Relationships
Viadomus vincent
Vincent "Force Majeure" Vincent is found in the jungle after the plane crashes. He leads you to the plane wreckage.
Eko "Whatever It Takes" Eko is seen overlooking a balcony at the Hotel Persephone.
Viadomus cindy
Cindy Chandler "Force Majeure" Cindy is seen chasing Charlie down the aisle, just before the turbulance starts.
Viadomus mars
Edward Mars "Force Majeure" The marshal is seen escorting Kate to her seat in Elliott's first flashback.
Redshirts "Force Majeure" There are several redshirt survivors seen at the crash sight in the first episode. Most of them are either injured or dead. Jack is seen trying to save one of the survivors. There are no redshirts present at the beach camp throughout the rest of the game.
Viadomus mikhail
Mikhail Bakunin "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words"(Mentioned) Mikhail appears stationed at the Flame in episode six. While Elliott holds him at gunpoint, an Other shoots Elliott with a toxic dart, knocking him out. Tom mentions him in episode seven.
Viadomus mittlewerk
Thomas Mittelwerk "Worth A Thousand Words" Mittelwork is seen talking to Zoran Savo in Elliott's final flashback. Their discussion has something to do with a deal regarding the Chenchey Institute of Research.
Viadomus desmond
Desmond Hume "Forty-Two" Desmond is briefly seen on your way to the Swan. Desmond is running away from the Swan before the countdown reaches zero.
Unknown Others "A New Day", "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" There are several unnamed Others seen in the game. Many Others are stationed in lookout points in the trees and shoot Elliott on sight. There are three Others that capture Elliott at the Flame, and Ben sends an Other to destroy the Via Domus sailboat.

Mentioned characters

The following characters were mentioned by name but not seen:

"Quote only" characters

In the game loading screens there are different quotes from the characters of Lost. Here are the characters that are not seen or mentioned in the game, but have their quotes in the loading screens.

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