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The Channel Seven Clues are part of the Channel Seven site which is the Australian broadcaster for LOST. For each episode in Season 2, a distinct clue (usually one minute long) is posted on the official site. The official Seven site also produces video recaps & episode promos. For each episode "clue", there is also a page of text which explains the clues in similar detail.

The clue tagline is "Everything happens for a reason".

Text in bold represents text from each video, text in italics/bullets represent the storyline/plot at the time.

Episode 1 - Clue 1

clue link

  • Shannon to Walt: "What are you doing here?", Walt mumbles something
  • Don't..Press..Button Button's..Bad..

Episode 2 - Clue 2

clue link

  • Jin, Michael & Sawyer are stranded after their "ship" was destroyed, a shark swims below the water.
  • Did you notice this?
  • The shark's tail is paused where we see a DHARMA logo, this logo does not seem to have a specific symbol though.

Episode 3 - Clue 3

clue link

  • Jack & Locke watch the Swan Orientation Film
  • While Karen & Gerald DeGroot are mentioned as the brainchild behind DHARMA, we see a familiar circular/dotted logo in their bookcase.
  • A snippet of the tail section is shown with the logo of Oceanic Airlines circled.
  • Just a Coincidence?
  • Or something much bigger..

Episode 4

Clue 4

clue link

  • While Hurley is dreaming, he is listening to music & drinking OJ(?) in the pantry.
  • Jin: "Hi Hurley!", Hurley quickly turns around to see him
  • Did you see Walt?
  • Walt appears under the label "MISSING" on the carton.

Clue 5

clue link

  • Did you notice Hurley's boss?
  • "Maybe you don't wanna work here so get it together, what is that a problem Reyes?"
  • And Locke's boss
  • Same name..
  • Same face?
  • What's the Connection?

Episode 5 - Clue 6

clue link

  • The Swan
  • The Arrow
  • What is the Connection?

Episode 6

Clue 7

clue link

  • What is Walt saying this time?
  • Shannon sees Walt say something and screams
  • They're coming and they're close

Clue 8

clue link

  • Shannon visits her dying father in hospital as we see Jack hurrying past.
  • Shannon's father dies on Jack's watch
  • Coincidence?

Episode 7

Clue 9

clue link

  • Bernard receives an incoming message on his receiver
  • Who sent this message?
  • It was Boone
  • before he died

Clue 10

clue link

  • We see the little boy with the teddy bear from the tail section.
  • We see someone carrying a teddy bear on a string as The Others walk through the jungle.

Episode 9 - Clue 11

clue link

  • Kate walks into her stepfather's police station
  • Did you notice the TV?
  • Sayid is on the TV in the background.
  • What is the connection?

Episode 10 - Clue 12

clue link

  • We can see a cemetery, a church, a woman(?), a priest, Yemi(?) and a crucifix NOTE: I am am really unsure of these images.

Episode 11 - Clue 13

clue link

  • Who is The Bearded Man?
  • "How long you been here on the island?
  • "We're gonna have to take your boy"
  • "You know someone a whole lot smarter than anyone here once said "Since the dawn of our species, man has been blessed with curiosity. You know the other one about curiosity don't you Jack?""
  • While The Bearded Man is saying the latter, the close up of Alvar Hanso from the Orientation Film is shown.

Episode 13 - Clue 14

clue link

  • During Charlie's "flashback" where we see Claire & Charlies Mother in an angelic yet eerie depiction pleading for him to "save the baby".
  • An explosion can be seen & heard in the background.
  • A plane can be seen flying by just past the tree canopy.

Episode 14 - Clue 15

clue link

  • Locke fails to enter The Numbers on time and the hieroglyphs start to lock in.
  • The Swan locks in first.
  • The Flame locks in second but is not acknowledged at this time.
  • The Arrow locks in third.
  • The Hieroglyphs are interpreted as CAUSE TO DIE

Episode 15 - Clue 16

clue link

  • CR-4-81516-23 42 is highlighted on the pneumatic vial given by Ethan to Claire.
  • A montage of number entering on the The Swan computer is shown
  • CR-4-81516-23 42 is highlighted on the pneumatic vial injected by Desmond.
  • These are the same numbers!

Episode 16 - Clue 17

clue link

  • 9FFTR731 is highlighted on the Dharma Initiative "CEREAL" box.
  • DI 9FFTR731 is highlighted on the Dharma Initiative "CANDY" tin.
  • Why are the barcodes all the same?
  • Widmore Labs is highlighted on Sun's Pregnancy test

Episode 17

Clue 18

  • Blast Door Map turns on.
  • The Swan Station is highlighted.
  • The Arrow Station is shown.
  • The Medical Station is noted.
  • The "?" is also highlighted.

Clue 19

  • The Truth About Henry Gale
  • Montage of Henry Gale moments.
  • Widmore Labs is highlighted on the ballon.

Episode 18 - Clue 20

  • Dave telling Hurley everything never happened.
  • The Island is highlighted by showing a picture above Hurley.
  • The Polar Bear is shown being held by a patient.
  • The Numbers Lenord is shown playing Connect 4.
  • And Libby. Libby is shown.

Episode 19 - Clue 21

  • The Dharma Symbols A Dharma symbol is show on Issacs wall.
  • Montage about Rose being healed.
  • Jin
  • Locke
  • And Rose
  • How did the Island heal these people?

Episode 20 - Clue 22

  • Sawyer is shown reading Bad Twin.
  • Montage of Christian Shephard about Jack and his daughter.
  • Who is his daughter?
  • Claire is shown.

Episode 21 - Clue 23

  • Montage of The Pearl Orientaion film.
  • "I believe the work you're doing is more important than ever," is played.

Episode 22 - Clue 24

Episode 23

Clue 25

  • A hack of the video shows glyph NZ59
  • Widmore Labs is highlighted on the balloon
  • Widmore Labs is shown on Sun's pregnancy test.
  • Charles Widmore is shown talking to Desmond
  • What is the Widmore connection with the Island?

Clue 26

  • Montage of Live Together, Die Alone
  • What is the truth?
  • The computer screen in the listening station.
  • 4 x 8 x 15 x 16 x 23 x 42
  • How do the numbers tie everything together?

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