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Background images used for special occasions and dates. Note to regular users: Please msg Jabrwocky7 or Plkrtn if you have an idea for a Lostpedia Monaco theme, do not load directly.

Lostpedia Monaco Variations & Uses

Basic Lost/Hawaii & Special Days

File Placement Description Usage
Image:Hawaii-top62.jpg Top Airplane Everyday use
Image:Hawaii-bottom158.jpg Bottom Water Everyday use
Image:Hawaii-statue-top62.jpg Top Statue Everyday use
use with Image:Hawaii-bottom158.jpg


(Major Multi-Cultural Holidays and National Holidays in English-Speaking Countries)

File Name 2007 2008 2009 2010 Placement Use Culture
Image:Stpatricks-top62.jpg Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day Top Irish-Catholic/General Western
Image:Stpatricks-bottom158.jpg Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day Bottom Irish-Catholic/General Western

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