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Lostpedia has six different user medals, which are not to be awarded freely as this dilutes their value. To earn one requires a significant contribution in a particular field, so that these medals can be displayed with pride on userpages. That said, anyone can issue a medal to a fellow user, though they must have good reason to do so. The medals are:

  • Article Attack Award (The Arrows) - For winning an Article Attack competition. (no longer awarded)
  • Assistance medal (The Staff) - For providing great help during an ongoing project.
  • Forum medal (The Hydra) - For providing a significant contribution to the management of Lostpedia Forum.
  • Hardwork medal (The Tempest) - In recognition of extensive hard work on any particular project or article.
  • IRC medal (The Orchid) - For providing a significant contribution to the management of the Lostpedia Internet Relay Channel.
  • Original Research medal (The Flame) - Providing original information about Lost that expands our knowledge, or conducting research to augment encyclopedic information.

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