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Background images used for special occasions and dates. Note to regular users: Please msg Jabrwocky7 or Plkrtn if you have an idea for a Lostbook theme, do not load directly.

Lostbook Variations & Uses

Basic Lost/Hawaii & Special Days

Image:Hawaii2.jpg Airplane Everyday use
Image:Hawaii3.jpg The Elizabeth  ? (Annual Lost season premier?)
Image:Lostbook_Raft.JPG Raft  ? (Annual Lost season finale?)
Image:Birthday.jpg Balloons, Cake, Hot Air Balloon Important birthdays (Add character image if necessary)
Image:Lostbook_all.JPG All Vehicles Together & Juliet  ? (Just for fun)
Image:Incident.jpg The Discharge, 2 Others & "SYSTEM FAILURE"  ? (Following an "incident" or change to the site?)


(Major Multi-Cultural Holidays and National Holidays in English-Speaking Countries)

File Name 2007 2008 2009 2010 Use Culture
Image:Newyear.jpg Dec 31-Jan 1 Dec 31-Jan 1 Dec 31-Jan 1 Dec 31-Jan 1 New Year's Eve & Day General Western
Image:Aus.jpg Jan 26 Jan 26 Jan 26* Jan 26 Australia Day Australia
Image:Chinese.jpg Feb 18 Feb 7 Jan 26 Feb 14* Chinese New Year Pan-Asian
Image:Valentines.jpg Feb 14 Feb 14 Feb 14 Feb 14 Valentine's Day General Western
Image:MardiGras.jpg Feb 20 Feb 5 Feb 24 Feb 16 Mardi Gras Catholic/General Western
Image:Stpatricks.jpg Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day Irish-Catholic/General Western
Image:Easter.jpg Apr 8 Mar 23 April 12 April 14 Easter Christian/General Western**
Image:May-day.jpg May 1 May 1 May 1 May 1 May Day United States/UK
Image:Buddhist.jpg May 2 May 20 May 9 May 27 Vesak Buddhist
Image:Memorial.jpg May 28 May 28 May 28 May 28 Memorial Day United States
Image:Canadaday.jpg Jul 1 Jul 1 Jul 1 Jul 1 Canada Day Canada
Image:4july.jpg Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 4 4th of July United States
Image:9-22.jpg Sep 22 Sep 22 Sep 22 Sep 22 Flight 815 Crash Lost Fanatics
Image:Eid.jpg Oct 12 Oct 1 Sep 20 Sep 9 Eid ul-Fitr (Ramadan) Muslim
Image:Halloween.jpg Oct 31 Oct 31 Oct 31 Oct 31 Halloween General Western
Image:Diwali.jpg Nov 9 Oct 28 Oct 17 Nov 5* Diwali Hindu
Image:Brit.jpg Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 5 Guy Fawkes Night United Kingdom
Image:Thanksgiving.jpg Nov 22 Nov 27 Nov 26 Nov 25 Thanksgiving United States**
Image:Hanukkah.jpg Dec 5 Dec 22 Dec 12 Dec 2 Hanukkah (1st Day) Jewish
Image:Xmas.jpg Dec 24-25 Dec 24-25 Dec 24-25 Dec 24-25 Christmas Eve & Day Christian/General Western
Image:Kwanzaa.jpg Dec 26 Dec 26 Dec 26 Dec 26 Kwanzaa (1st Day) Pan-African

* The use of this background on this date conflicts with another more widely celebrated (by English-speakers) holiday, and will be deferred
** Holiday also celebrated in Canada, but on different date; US dates only given.

Other Locations

Image:LondonBack.jpg London, U.K.
Image:Miami.jpg Miami, U.S.A.
Image:Sydneyback.jpg Sydney, Aus.


Image:BWcustom.jpg Plane Silhouette, Numbers, Black Background

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