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  • Gregaus

    This is the follow up to my 2014 ten year tribute video. I re-used much of the same footage but this time put it to a new, amazing track, "Freedom Fighters" by Two Steps from Hell. I wanted to make something that would either inspire someone to watch LOST for the first time, or spark a rewatch for those that have already seen it.

    I'm very proud of it. I hope you like it too.

    Twitter: More blog articles can be found here.

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  • Mardomdar1

    Abdul Basit 'Abd us-Samad

    September 2, 2016 by Mardomdar1

    Abdul Basit 'Abd us-Samad

    Bold text Abdul Baset Muhammad Abdus Samad Born 1927 Armant, Hermonthis, Egypt Died November 30, 1988 (aged 61-62) Cairo, Egypt Occupation Qari, Imam, Sheikh Known for His unique recitation of the Holy Quran Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)-5 ft 11 in (180 cm) Title Golden Throat, Voice from the Heavens Religion Islam Children Yasir, Hisham and Tariq Qari ‘Abdul-Basit ‘Abdus-Samad (1927–1988) (Arabic; عبد الباسط عبد الصمد),(Kurdî; Ebdulbasit Ebdussemed), was a renowned Egyptian Qari (reciter of the Qur'an). As such, many modern reciters try to imitate his style. The Qari had won three world Qira'at competitions in the early 1970s. ‘Abdus-Samad was one of the first huffaz to make commercial recordings of his recitations,…

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  • Docgigglesandben


    August 1, 2016 by Docgigglesandben

    can someone tell me what the hell does jacob want to protect the issland from?if from his brother then why does not just let him leave they island if that's what he wants

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  • Fridastarova


    July 20, 2016 by Fridastarova
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  • HamedSanaa53

    SBS questions

    July 9, 2016 by HamedSanaa53

    I wanted to to ask if anyone knows how to send a sbs question to Mr.Eiichiro Oda ??!! If anyone knows please tell me. Is this blog being considered as a sbs question ??!!

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  • Morena felicity fornaw

    sin ti me siento sola en un camino de arena #1caminoy1000amores

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  • Gregaus

    The Dharma Lamp Post Station's Foucault pendulum seen in season 5 episode, 316 (used to find the Island), is much more than just a cool looking prop. There is actually some solid and compelling scientific thinking behind it.

    Here I will touch on the science of why the movement of the pendulum was such a clever inclusion. When I first saw how they were finding the Island (through the use of a pendulum and Earth's own gravity), I thought it was brilliant. The swinging of the pendulum looks random but it is anything but. The actual plane of swing rotates relative to the Earth.

    A layman's translation of this is that over a period of time, a random looking swing of the pendulum actually undergoes a mathematically predictable motion in relation to …

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  • Losty108

    Can't register on forum

    March 17, 2016 by Losty108

    As the title says, why can't i register on forums because when i click on register tab it shows me an error?

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  • Losty108

    As the title says, why can't i register on forums because when i click on register tab it shows me an error?

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  • Naam me kya rakha hai

    Talking to Humans is the perfect complement to the existing body of work on customer development.

    Your brain is the hub of your nervous system. It is made up of 100 billion nerve cells - about the same as the number of trees in the Amazon rainforest. Each cell is connected to around 10,000 others. So the total number of connections in your brain is the same as the number of leaves in the rainforest - about 1000 trillion.

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  • Darkapple

    A LOST JRPG Video Game

    February 27, 2016 by Darkapple

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  • مشبات مدافئ
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  • Cololo231

    So, why do best friends turn into couples? Well, for your information, best friends are always best friends because that's how it became so obvious and mysterious to know if the best friends are going to fall in love with each other and maybe hang out sometime? Because that's the only reason how they got into it and probably wanted to have a great time and go somewhere that's so romantic. So when we see best friends, it's hard to tell how they stay being best friends at all times and not to date because no one has ever "dated" a best friend before and I'm sure what will happen next when the time goes on and the future lives of the best friends/couples have their experiences together and spend their time as family. But everyone's still conf…

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  • Darryl9720

    Object Oppose

    December 22, 2015 by Darryl9720


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  • MaryLayfield63


    October 1, 2015 by MaryLayfield63


    Mary Kember

    Mary Prichard Kember (born March 14, 1992) is a professional wrestling confident believe inteligent. best known as a manager of Bruce Prichard Not Member Yet for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, formerly the World Wrestling Federation), where She Created Brother Love For Bruce Prichard the original manager of The Undertaker.[1] After leaving WWE, Kember was the Personal Athlete boss for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). During Kember's Created as Brother Love For Bruce Prichard, she hosted her own segment The Brother Love Show where she would usually support heels & faces.

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  • Baker1000

    Lostpedia is 10 years old

    September 22, 2015 by Baker1000

    On September 22nd 2005, Lostpedia was created. That means it’s now 10 years old! It was also the first anniversary of Lost, and the day after the much anticipated Season 2 premiere was aired. During the years that followed, Lostpedia grew into one of the biggest fansites about the TV series on the internet. It became an incredible resource for fans to keep track of all the twists and storylines within the show as they obsessively documented everything from the number of crash survivors still on the Island, to more bizarre stuff like how many times a season Hurley said dude. I’ve been coming here since 2006, and I’ve been a member since 2007. So in order to mark this milestone, I’d like to go through 10 things which had a significant impact…

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  • Bobjsd

    Begin transmission.

    If you are sensing this memory implant it is because you have initiated the Memory Storage and Transmission facility of our ship. Via electromagnetic manipulation and control memories of our Ships Log are being impressed inside your Ka. The MST has scanned your Ib and transmutes the words, phrases, ideas and concepts of these reports into the form most closely recognizable and understandable based on the advancement of your intellect.

    Chronological Ships logs will be transmitted to you on a periodic basis.

    End transmission.

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  • Bobjsd

    I have been having a go with some of the shippers on this site with their tendency to make derogatory comments about the intelligence and dedication to the show of people disappointed in season 6 and the finale. There was a response by BooRadley2015 that I think pretty much hit the nail on the head and I couldn't do a better job, so I thought it deserved its own article post.

    This was a little disappointing. Your conclusion seems to be "haters gonna hate." But if you're going to write a thoughtful defense of the finale, it would help to address dissenting opinions rationally and respectfully, and not just dismiss them out of hand.

    You say you 'still hear and read the opinion “that it was rubbish.” That it “didn’t make sense” or “it was a co…

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  • Bobjsd

    What with a smoke monster security system it seems to do fine on its own. Just kill everyone who comes aboard...pretty much what it does most of the time anyway. In fact adding any human elements seem to complicate it exponentially.

    The protector doesn't seem to have much a job other than finding a new stooge to babysit the magic butt plug. He doesn't perform any maintenance, he doesn't routinely fill the gas tank, he doesn't even feed the monkey.

    So why?

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  • Crazy4lost

    What Do We Watch Now?

    September 8, 2015 by Crazy4lost

    So, it's been over five years since Lost bowed from our screens, but I'm still searching for something that fills the void at least somewhat. Fringe came extremely close, and I ended up loving it so much that it deserved it's own rank alongside Lost. Breaking Bad was absolutely amazing, particularly in its last two seasons, but it's been off the air for two years now. Rick and Morty is totally incredible, but it still doesn't quite fill it. Twin Peaks may have been the closest thing to actually "replacing" Lost, and it might end up doing just that again when it comes back in 2017, but until then the search goes on.

    What are you guys all watching? Have you ever found something on par with Lost? Maybe we could all find a new show and marathon…

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  • Rtozier

    Trying to make everything of the show's underlying story arc about Jacob finding his replacement make sense, I came up with these ten points/mini-essays:

    1. Jacob has been bringing people to the Island for millennia, trying to find someone who can take over his role and thus kill his brother.

    2. Jacob's plans become increasingly philanthropic: he tries the US Army, then the Dharma Initiative, with his chosen candidate leading each group. They prove unworthy and so Jacob decides to go on a big recruitment drive. He brings together a group of people and ensures that they get on the same plane, recruiting from an early age those time travellers who he saw inciting the Incident. Knowing that a man who time travelled to 1977 left a diary describi…

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  • Sara4815

    i miss lost

    August 28, 2015 by Sara4815

    'since the beginning of the show , i have watched it 9 times, from beginning to end. each time it seems new and fresh to me . it is not boring.... its not tedious..... its still exciting...its not just a has soul talks to me.

    each time i see a place that looks like just even a little the island i reallyyyyyyyyy reallyyyyyyy miss the serie. i missed the hatches...i missed the whispers...i missed the beach... i missed the mangoes....i missed the ping pong table of hugu... i missed james'slangs and abuses...i missed kate's bravery...i missed luck's leader ship struggle with jack....i misssed hugu's eating habit....i missed clair's motherhood...i missed charlie's " you aaaare every body".....i missed benjamin's sweet lies... i…

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  • Misterpunk

    Many people said that the ending of Lost was a big surprise, in a a negative way. Turns out lots of people don't like the ending, saying it was a complete letdown for them. Reactions to the ending was like "Wow, that's just stupid." But they say the rest of the show is really good, until the end...Misterpunk (talk) 04:41, August 6, 2015 (UTC)

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  • AW10

    There is an Island that has a very special place on it, called the Core. Now, the Core is causing the Island to emit a very strong, but also extraordinary electromagnetic energy. Well, what makes Island's electromagnetic energy extraordinary is the fact that the energy is able to heal things that cannot be easily healed, like cancer and paralysis, and the fact that the energy can cause a person to time travel.

    However, not everything about the Island is that beautiful. Long time ago, a man at its forties has been sucked up by the Core and turned into a Monster that can impersonate any dead person, including himself, but to that extent that there is virtually impossible to know the difference between the Monster and a real dead person the Mo…

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  • Council gardener

    "Lost" in 2015

    July 14, 2015 by Council gardener

    I would like to propose Season 7 of "Lost": -

    The season deals with events between the plane escaping the island (2007) and 2015

    EPISODE 1 "Dinner time"


    VINCENT eating JACK's recently deceased body

    ---Just kidding!

    Seriously though: - I would like to know the following: 1) On the island (Hugo and Ben, Ber-NARD and Rose, Desmond leaves? Walt arrives) i) Is Ben now a good guy or does he have lapses? ii) Is Hugo visited by spirits who 'haven't moved on' such as Michael? How do they help him or Hugo/Ben/Walt help the spirits? iii) As Jacob did, does the 'Man in Black' appear as a spirit to Hugo? iv) How does Hugo adapt to his new role and what are the details of being 'the new Jacob'? Is he like a sorcerer? Does he also cause people to come …

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  • Crazy4lost

    So, the finale aired 5 years ago today. Yup.

    It's just crazy, because it feels like yesterday. It also really does feel like the pinnacle moment for a lot of things. I was interested in how the television landscape would develop post-Lost, but it actually still feels like everything is an "epilogue" in comparison.

    Fringe was great, and since it began airing in 2008 held its own ground and voice. When it finished in 2013, that felt like the legitimate end to the voice of Lost on television. All of those little "Lost-ish" series (Flashforward, The Event) never took off. Community, which I know has no connection to Lost (other than their terrific allusion to it in the 2nd season christmas special) has a similar fanbase and cult following, and I…

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  • Baker1000

    5 years after Lost’s ending, I still hear and read the opinion “that it was rubbish.” That it “didn’t make sense” or “it was a complete let down.” And yeah, astonishingly people still think they were dead all along. This post is my attempt to explain why Lost’s final episode hit the nail on the head in doing what it was supposed to do, and while it may have disappointed some (more on that later) it was certainly not rubbish. It was actually quite brilliant.

    Please note, there will be spoilers in this blog if you haven't seen the ending. It's also quite long, but stick with it

    If you already understand the ending, feel free to skip the next paragraph

    Let’s get the big question out of the way first – what was the ending really all about. Ah yes, t…

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  • Master Tej

    "Dif-tor heh smusma"

    April 25, 2015 by Master Tej

    Nicholas Atanasio

    GLED 101

    24 April 2015

    “In my heart/Is the seed of the tree/Which will be me.”

    - Leonard Nimoy, “A Lifetime of Love: Poems on the Passages of Life” -

     Science Fiction and Action Adventure film affect most all Americans in some way or another. Taking a look at the highest grossing films of past years, films from the Transformers, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Harry Potter franchises place high on the list. Indeed, these two genres, more often than not in overlap, represent the most widely explored and financially viable forms of filmmaking in existence today.

     It makes sense, then, that the characters of such works would become beloved symbols of American culture, pervasive to all who have lived for even a few years somewhere…

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  • SammyJankis


    April 10, 2015 by SammyJankis
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  • SammyJankis

    In a Nutshell

    April 10, 2015 by SammyJankis

    Lostpedia is great. I was looking at the page for "The End" and came across a splendid tidbit. It was under "episode allusions" and it pointed out a mirror-like connection hidden between two distant scenes: Jacob's death in "The Incident" and the Man in Black's in "The End."

    Bender's thread has woven through season 1, episode 4; season 5, episode 17; season 6, episode 17; and now season 3, episode 13, "The Man from Tallahassee" (2007).

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  • BalkOfFame

    Happy Numbers Day!

    April 8, 2015 by BalkOfFame

    Today is 4/8/15! And in a couple hours, it'll be 4/8/15 16:23:42!

    (Unless you use a different date system, in which case you have a few more months to go.)

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  • Master Tej

    This man seems to a certain degree to know what he is talking about - but he loses a lot of points for his style. His paragraphs are large and blocky, and they would benefit much from being broken up into individual sections. His grammar is solid, but he seems to lack an understanding of the key mechanics of punctuation.

    That being said, he still makes effective points about the rights of people to use drones freely. Particularly when he compares posting videos that violate drone regulations to posting videos that violate copyright - the former, according to him, are regularly and without hesitation noted to those in charge of regulating them, while the latter are often ignored and inconsistently taken down if they are taken down at all. …

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  • MonkeysaurusRex

    1.) Can someone explain to me in the flash-forward timeline when Sun was giving birth to Ji Yeon and Jin was buying a panda for the Chinese ambassador?

    2.) Why Locke took the alias Jeremy Bentham?

    3.) How Juliet survived a hydrogen bomb blast from point-blank in the normal timeline?

    4.) How Jacob and the Man in Black's adopted mom came to the island?

    Well, that's it for now. Please comment your answers or questions YOU have.

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  • Master Tej

    As morbid as this is going to sound (I mean, it's pretty morbid) I've always been really fascinated with Chernobyl. The concept of a whole abandoned town in the wake of man's folly? Beautiful. The below video combines "handheld" and drone footage of the city of Pripyat near Chernobyl. I noticed in it that they didn't ever get close to the "coffin", which is the name for the concrete container built around the 3rd reactor of the power plant - you can see the top of it and some of the smokestacks in a few shots. I wonder if there are regulations?

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  • Master Tej

    Right of the People

    March 24, 2015 by Master Tej

    Nicholas Atanasio GLED 101 20 March, 2015

    "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    - United States Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776 -

     The question of when a government has forced its powers too far is one that concerns all of humankind. Since the dawn of the species, man has been blessed with an insatiable desire to feel free, and such balance between freedom from opp…

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  • Eden Porowski

    open heart

    February 23, 2015 by Eden Porowski
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  • 303melosi

    Hello there

    February 11, 2015 by 303melosi

    This is 303melosi and today I'm here for some cool stuff to see bye

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  • Silas4815


    December 18, 2014 by Silas4815

    I wonder how the Ajira crew did after leaving the island. How do you explain being in an airplane that disappeared, and now having passengers that weren't in the original Ajira flight to begin with. Plus, having a couple passengers from the famous 815 flight. Not to mention ones that were supposed to have died according to the Oceanic 6 survivors story. I would imagine they got into some issues after finding an airport to land in. Which must have raised slot of questions also.

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  • Rtozier

    There have been several visions of dead people, on and off the Island.

    This is an attempt to explain them without referencing the Flash Sideways Timeline, which in my opinion was too poorly set up and poorly executed to be taken seriously. The two references to it in the original timeline, Juliet's dying thoughts and Desmond's experiences after being blasted by Widmore, can be explained as the decaying effect of trauma on sanity, or at least on the ability to tell the difference between the material world and the Island's trapped spirits. If the FST must be acknowledged at all, let it be as the dead characters' collective hallucination - if Season 6 had to have the FST, I would have preferred that that season's episodes centred on character…

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  • JanDeFietser

    ten behoeve van user:DAb en andere belangstellendeN

    Geachte DAb,

    hierbij de behouden tekst van het in 2009 op de Nederlandse Wikipedia weggecensureerde lemma over de Judasaffaire (Judas-affaire, judasaffaire, judas-affaire, "judas"-affaire, "Judas"-affaire, whatever....)

    De judasaffaire was een kwestie die actueel was in 1998 en vooral de gemoederen bezighield in de Nederlandse journalistiek, tot in het daarover gerezen geschil vonnis werd gewezen door de rechtbank Amsterdam op 28 oktober 1998. Deze uitspraak werd belangrijke jurisprudentie over de journalistieke zorgvuldigheid en verantwoordelijkheid, de vrijheid van meningsuiting, de vrijheid van drukpers en professionele ethiek.

    De kwestie ontspon zich in februari 1998 tijdens de Olympische…

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  • Rtozier

    Sixth shift (2007 or later): The day of Locke's funeral.

    Ninth shift: The day the hatch blew up.

    Tenth shift: The day Flight 815 (whose passengers did the blowing up) crashed.

    Eleventh shift: The day the same people blew open the hatch.

    Twelfth shift: December 31, 2004, the day Ben moved the Island. If only Locke could have left the island at that point...

    Thirteenth shift: The day Ben first arrived on the Island, in 1973.

    Locke's interactions with the Man in Black in the form of Christian under the Orchid happen in 2004, as the Man in Black is not time travelling.

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  • Lea95

    I have been blocked by Blue Bot three times, I'm really annoyed now and I do not know how to contact Blue Bot.

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  • Sprinkles4632

    I don't know about everyone else, but in my opinion, Charlies death was the saddest on Lost. He died to save everyone on the island and the help Claire and Aaron get home safely. The worst part is he knew he was going to die. I'm not saying the other deaths weren't sad, because they certainly were. But in the end, we just have to remind ourselves that everyone is going to die someday and its best to die a hero...(Plus it was just acting ☻) Please take the time to watch this video as a remembrance of Charlie Pace.

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  • Sprinkles4632

    Why did the show Lost end? It had a great impact on everyone. I have to say though, there will never be a show like Lost every again...

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  • Sprinkles4632

    The hit television show lost, constantly reminds us to never give up hope and to always keep fighting no matter the situation. The stories of the characters have inspired us. Each character has his/her own story that will live on forever.

    The show had its sad times:

    It also had its happy times:

    Lost is the Greatest show the world will ever come to know.

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  • Ameliaamyy

    As is the case with any career objective, it is imperative that one take certain considerations in mind in order to limit the possibilities for catastrophic outcomes. Joining the U.S. Navy is no different and there are certain prerequisites which must be addressed before such a mammoth task is embarked upon. This piece will therefore introduce the necessaries which are mandatory for any individual hoping to enlist in this prestigious organization. 1) Have a Dream/Goal

    The principal thing to do is to ensure that there is a goal in mind. As the adage goes "without a vision, the people perish" and this must be clearly considered before anything else. This means whether you are a recent high-school graduate or someone wishing to change career… Read more >
  • Mars22bar

    i dont get it

    October 5, 2014 by Mars22bar

    can you give me a little more info cause i cannot get iit :(

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  • Gregaus

    This is my tribute video for the 10th Anniversary of LOST - without exception the best TV show & story ever told.

    I felt this track (in particular, the lyrics) worked really well with footage from the show. It's as if this song (by Australian artist, Tina Arena) was written for LOST.

    The lyrics are a perfect description of the opportunity provided to all who came to the Island.

    Reset All
    Never thought it would be like this
    It all fell down in pieces
    Ripping those puzzles apart
    Surviving on broken hearts
    We were young and we didn't know
    The kaleidoscope lost its colour
    It all turned into grey
    We started moving in separate ways
    I've been holding on
    Just to let go
    Turn a blind eye not sure I wanna know
    Clear the slate, go …

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  • CrazyUncleRyan

    Happy Birthday!

    September 22, 2014 by CrazyUncleRyan

    Happy 10th Anniversary LOST. You are still the greatest show in TV history 10 years latter!

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  • Baker1000

    10 years? Has it really been that long? I am of course talking about 10 years since the Lost Pilot first hit television screens and kick started a worldwide phenomenon. It was one of the most explosive TV pilots of all time, quite literally in the case of the opening sequence. At the time it aired, it was the most expensive pilot in TV history, rolling in at around $12 million – but it was worth every penny as 18 million tuned in to watch it. So it really has been 10 years since this incredible show took over our lives, and I’m glad to have been a part of it from the very start. I have a small confession to make though – I wasn’t there from the least not September 22nd, 2004. I am British, and therefore never had the opportunity …

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