• Iheartbenlinus

    I recently was looking at the NATO Phonetic Alphabet Code and noticed some startling connections with Lost. I looked to any reference to it on Lostpedia but couldn't find any. Does anyone have any more connections they can glean from this?

    A: Alpha B: Bravo C: Charlie D: Delta E: Echo F: Foxtrot G: Golf H: Hotel I: India J: Juliet K: Kilo L: Lima M: Mike N: November O: Oscar P: Papa Q: Quebec R: Romeo S: Sierra T: Tango U: Uniform V: Victor W: Whiskey X: X-Ray Y: Yankee Z: Zulu

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  • LOSTonthisdarnisland

    My DH was laughing at me when he caught me rewatching the first episodes of S5 again right on the heels of watching them the day before. Actually, he'd laugh even harder if he saw me watch one right after I finished watching it moments before, LOL.

    Does anyone else do this?

    (and does anyone know why I can't leave comments on these blogs. I've written up several, only to notice that they didn't post. I can't even comment on my own blog post.)

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  • DCMeads

    Has anyone thought that Ben was so upset that his mother passed at his birth that he decided to get retribution and decided that if his mother could not survive than NO mother or child could survive. He could have easily lied to everyone and caused these deaths himself.

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  • Ilovesawyer

    Paulo is an AHOLE!!!!

    January 31, 2009 by Ilovesawyer

    ok seriously!!! what the heck paulo!!!!!! he saw ben and juliet talking about capturing jack, sawyer, and kate......and he didn't even fricking tell anyone!!!!!! what the heck is up with that!!!! and then he like didn't even tell anyone that he found that pearl station!!! he only frikin cared about himself!!

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  • Ilovesawyer

    Richard Eyeliner Rumor

    January 31, 2009 by Ilovesawyer

    Ok so........ I pretty much got all my friends, family, and just random people addicted to LOST. and then everytime i'm watching a show with richard in it,......everyones always like......"he's wearing eyeliner." and i can see how it would look like that but i'm not so sure he really is. his eyelashes might just be really dark. but watever. i just wanted to know what other people thought about this. cus i think eko was wearing eyeliner at one point.......

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  • ZachsMind

    Positively Made Of Time

    January 31, 2009 by ZachsMind

    Jack: "We don't have time to sort out everybody's God."

    Charlie: "Really? Last I heard we were positively made of time."

    Walkabout 1.4

    So now we know that some variant of The Others have been on The Island at least fifty years prior to the crash of Oceanic 815. We have reason to presume they have been on The Island even further back than that, but fifty years ago was when The Others first got wind that John Locke was going to eventually visit The Island and even become Their Leader. Now we know why some of The Others have been anticipating John's arrival; essentially because John visited them and told them he was coming, and that Jacob sent him. Talk about prophecy fulfilling itself! So this means the group of people we erroneously refer to …

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  • Jenni74

    Emily Locke has listed an aunt Bea Jones on her mental hospital forms. The same aunt encourages her in giving John up for adoption. Charles Widmore has on a uniform with Jones on it. Also, she is listed on her forms as divorced. Ben's mother is named Emily. Is it possible they are siblings? Locke was born in 1956, anyone remember when Ben was born? Also, Annie befriends Ben on the island. Emily's middle name is Annabelle... He sees his mother on the island as a child... Does a child of Emily's in particular need to be in charge? Is she both Ben and John's mother?

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  • Jayemwhy

    I think that it is very possible that Charles Widmore and Ellie are brother and sister. They were going at each other like siblings. She questioned him being outnumbered and he immediately shouted at her to shut up.

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  • WeirdAl


    January 30, 2009 by WeirdAl

    I don't know what it is, but didn't Jughead feel a little...short, even though it was its usual hour? I heard the drums and saw the LOST and felt, "WHAT?!?!? SUCKO ENDING! Well, that one was over quick..."

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  • Anomymage

    I would personally like to start a vote for "Worst Episode Ending".

    I would also like to immediately place 5 votes for Jugheads ending.

    The attempt at a "tear jerking" / "OMG" moment as Charlotte starts spouting blood from her nose, was pointless, as anyone who has watched the show knew it was coming sooner or later. Please, oh please, give us better "mini-cliff hangers" then that.

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  • Dharma Intitative Agent

    Way back in the ancient history of LOST we were told of how the volcano was going to play a seismic (possible pun) role in LOST. We have seen three episodes of S5 and seen neither hide nor hair of the promised volcano. I was really looking forward to it, and thought that with the producers had been foreshwdoing the volcano through Jacobs ash and Annie's question. I guess not. If the volcano was going to be big then why have we not seen it, or heard present day characters talking about it, with only a little more than 30 episodes left?

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  • Mistertrouble189


    January 30, 2009 by Mistertrouble189

    Ahh! So many poor, innocent redshirts are dying! These poor people survived 100+ intense days on a mysterious island and they're dropping like flies!

    • Doug, Jerome, Blonde Casualty, and Red-haired Casualty - shot and killed at the Barracks.
    • Long-haired Casualty, Short Hair Casualty, Male Casualty (plus Michael and maybe Jin) - killed in the Kahana explosion
    • at least 4 people during the attack on the beach by the Hostiles
    • the two men accidently blown up by the wired explosives

    If they keep dying at this rate, then Bernard, Rose and Sawyer will be the only survivors remaining if they ever get rescued!? Psh!

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  • Peteparker


    January 30, 2009 by Peteparker

    What a beautiful skin! You guys really know how to wiki! :)

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  • Council of Guardians

    Desmond Who?

    January 30, 2009 by Council of Guardians

    Is it just me, or was Desmond's appearance in "Jughead"similar to Tom Baker's 4th Doctor? compare: and

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  • LOST-Jinx

    Thoughts on Jughead

    January 30, 2009 by LOST-Jinx

    Jughead started off very well, that beach that Desmond was running around on reminded me of the beach where the Oceanic Six were discovered, but maybe not... I was very interested in the conversation Daniel and Charlotte had right before they reached the creek was interesting, the Charladay relationship continues to evolve. And then BOOM! there goes the claymores. I thought claymores weren't introduced until after 1954, but maybe I'm wrong. I love how Miles was quick to pass the leadership off to Daniel. When that hostile said, "you just couldn't stay away," I thought she meant something relating to Faraday being on the island during the 1950's, but obviously not. The relationship problems between Dez and Penny seem pretty interesting.

    It i…

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  • Xsafa

    hello.and welcome

    January 29, 2009 by Xsafa

    hi my name is xsafa and I am a huge lost fan. ok first things first I will not spoil annything I just will give my own word on the episodes. and I will check back later bye.

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  • Plkrtn

    Two spoilers have appeared in the last few days that have really annoyed me. First is the supposed name of Ms. Hawkings. Why did ABC in their infinite wisdom decide to spoil the first name of the character, making everything about this character all the more obvious, if you hadn't figured it out already.

    Secondly Sky1 in the UK broadcast a special which from from behind the scenes of Episode 10, showing some glaring examples of things that happen in the future that will dramatically alter how you view the show.

    Why? Why do broadcasters do this to their own material? Has anyone else seen the ineptitude displayed by ABC and Sky1 over Lost in the last few days on any TV show anywhere else in the world?

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